Too Much Stuff
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Too Much Stuff

By: Don Bruns

It took Henry Flagler years to build a railroad to Key West. It took thirty seconds for a hurricane and a twenty-foot tidal wave to destroy it. Five hundred people were killed in that violent 1935 storm, and many more were missing. Among the unaccounted for was a finance director for the East Coast Railway, Mathew Kriegel, who had loaded one and a quarter million dollars in gold on a train that very morning. The man and the gold were never found.
Newly minted private investigators Skip Moore and James Lessor have just been hired by Kriegel’s great granddaughter to help her search for the lost gold. And, she may or may not have the map that leads to the treasure.
Fighting off competitors, scuba diving, digging in a spooky cemetery and almost getting killed in the process is just part of their job. When two mysterious Islamorada doctors hatch a nefarious plot involving smuggling, the boys are in way over their heads.
Come along for the ride, but watch your back. It’s a very dangerous mission, and don’t count on Skip and James for help. They can barely take care of themselves.