Sunshine State (Jake Longly Thriller #3)
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Sunshine State (Jake Longly Thriller #3)

By: D. P. Lyle

Jake Longly and Nicole Jamison are confronted with their most bizarre case yet. Serial killer Billy Wayne Baker now denies that two of his seven murders were actually his work. An anonymous benefactor, who believes Billy Wayne’s denials, has hired Longly Investigations to prove Billy Wayne right. But the confessed serial killer did not have just the motive, means, and opportunity for the murder, his DNA was also found at each of the seven crime scenes. Bizarre doesn’t quite cover it.

Jake and Nicole travel to the small Gulf Coast town of Pine Key, Florida, where three of the murders occurred. The local police, FBI, state prosecutor, and crime lab each did their jobs well: uncovering overwhelming evidence of Billy Wayne’s guilt—and even extracted a full confession. Is Billy Wayne simply trying to tweak the system to garner another fifteen minutes of fame? It’s likely all a game to him, but, if he’s being honest—someone out there is getting away with murder. How? Why? And most importantly, who? Dark clouds loom in the Sunshine State.