Stuff to Spy For
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Stuff to Spy For

By: Don Bruns

Best friends James Lessor and Skip Moore are still stuck in dead-end jobs, still living in their ratty apartment in Carol City, Florida but still dreaming of hitting the big time. It seems those dreams are finally within reach when Skip lands a job to install a state-of-the-art security system for Synco Systems. There’s a huge commission and plenty of strings attached. To collect on the cash, Skip will have to provide additional services by assuming the role of the pretend boyfriend of Sarah Crumbly, an employee who’s having an affair with Sandler Conroy, Synco’s married president.When Sandler’s wife offers Skip a tidy sum for the dirty details about what’s going on at Synco, James and Skip resurrect their entrepreneurial dreams and go into the business of being spies. The spy-mobile their beloved, bedraggled box truck is on its last legs, and they’ll have to spend a small fortune on spy equipment, but there’s no business like spy business. With their eyes on the prize, these two private eyes are in for a surprise when they discover the cold, hard truth about Synco’s software business. In this spy game, James and Skip may be the ones who get played. . . or worse.