Deadly Diamonds (A Knight & Devlin Thriller #4)
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Deadly Diamonds (A Knight & Devlin Thriller #4)

By: John F. Dobbyn

What do Boston, Dublin and Sierra Leone have in common? The movement of “blood diamonds” at enormous profit but grave human expense. Mafia killings in Boston and Ireland, and child enslavement and murder in Sierra Leone. And who is ensnared in the middle of all of this — Michael Knight and Lex Devlin. Can they stop the enormously profitable trade of these tainted jewels? They must come between the Italian mafia in North Boston, the Irish mafia in South Boston including some remnants in Ireland. They must also pit themselves against the enslaved and deadly child-army in Sierra Leone, where they smuggle the diamonds into the mainstream for cash to buy weapons and drugs. At grave personal risk, Knight and Devlin must find a solution that satisfies this disparate combination of characters and, hopefully, dampens the diamond flow.