Black Diamond
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Black Diamond

By: John F. Dobbyn

Michael’s knowledge of horse racing could place him in the final race of his life.  Michael Knight and Lex Devlin agree to defend a jockey accused of murdering a fellow jockey during a race at Boston’s Suffolk Downs.  Michael’s expertise in the machinations of the horse racing game is expected to serve them well.  But a personal attachment to the murdered jockey thrusts Michael and Lex into the midst of a conflict between Boston’s Irish mafia and remnants of the terrorist branch of the Irish Republican Army.  Now they are in the cross-hairs of both, and the ruthlessness of these combatants knows no bounds.  As Michael and Lex uncover layer after layer of deceptions involved in the seamier side of horse racing, they become more dangerous to the gangs.  In action that shuttles between Ireland and Boston, the lives of the two lawyers as well as those close to them are in the gravest danger and the criminals show no mercy in their quest to put an end to this threat.  As their investigation hurtles forward, it could end a wonderful law partnership because of the absence of living partners.
Michael Knight pledges the performance of a lifetime when he promises to bring an abducted child home and to honor the memory of his murdered childhood friend.  Even with the courageous support of his beloved mentor, Lex Devlin, Michael’s tenacious loyalty may push him too far into the cesspools of corruption this time.