Don Bruns

Don  Bruns

Don Bruns‘ books explore the seamy side of the music business, flipping the industry on it’s back and looking at the underbelly of power and corruption. Protagonist Mick Sever is a journalist who chronicles the history of rock and roll, and uncovers murder. “There’s enough crime, corruption, drugs, and slimy people in the music business to keep Mick Sever busy for a long time,” Bruns says. Bruns himself is a road weary musician who made a meager living traveling and performing throughout the United States, working with acts like Ricky Nelson, the Platters, Ray Charles and Eric Carmen. He’s released a CD of original songs called Last Flight Out. Two of the songs have been recorded by other artists. Bruns, an advertising executive, has a lot of irons in the fire. He and three friends converted an old 1905 neighborhood grocery store into a very cosy, nostalgic used book store, Bookends Used and Rare Books. Living in Ohio, the author travels to Florida and the Caribbean on a regular basis.

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