Trash Talk
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Trash Talk

By: Robert Gussin

Football, baseball, basketball, hockey, pro athlete’s revolt!!!  Too many fights  too many problems  lousy image!!!  Commissioners fed up  players angry at mandated, educational seminar attendance!!!

But that’s what happened, and the commissioners aren’t backing down.  All pro athletes have to attend a course or seminar unrelated to sports every year. Dark days for the athletes until one of them sees an ad for the upcoming S.E.S. Trash Talk symposium. How perfect is that? None of the athletes knew, or even cared, what S.E.S. was, but trash talk was their specialty.  Word of the meeting spread among the athletes like wildfire.  They could not apply fast enough.  The annual Environmental Society Meeting, hosted by the Sarasota Environmentalist Society (S.E.S), will be the surprise of a lifetime when the world of professional athletes collides with the world of professional environmentalists in an explosion of laughter.  What happens next is worth the price of admission!