Shark Fin Soup
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Shark Fin Soup

By: Susan Klaus

Christian Roberts is the prime suspect when his wife, Allie, is murdered on their sloop in the Caribbean.  Grief-stricken and unstable, he must evade arrest to fulfill Allie’s dying plea – to “save the sharks”.  Shark finning has been decimating the species as the Asian demand for shark fin soup escalates.  The disappearance of sharks from the ocean will threaten the entire marine ecosystem, and Allie’s dedication to stop the shark slaughter had been unshakable.  Christian, reeling from the loss of his wife, steels himself to avoid arrest, determined to honor Allie’s wish.

With help from his friend, Vince Florio, Christian attacks those responsible. Under the guise of an eco-terrorist calling himself Captain Nemo, he uses brutal vigilante tactics to eliminate shark fin soup from every restaurant menu in the world.  But those who are amassing great fortunes from this Asian specialty will not be easily stopped. Nor will the FBI agent hounding Christian’s every move.