Go Find Daddy
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Go Find Daddy

By: Steve Goble

A man on the run—can Ed Runyon find him and tell him about his dying daughter?

When a cop is murdered in rural Ohio on Donny Blackmon’s property, the case seems open and shut. Donny must’ve done it—he’s a known cop-hater, and he’s already fled. Believing her husband is innocent, Donny’s wife calls Whiskey River Investigations, the new one-man PI agency run by former sheriff’s deputy Ed Runyon, to see if Ed can find her husband.

Ed isn’t sure he’ll take the case until he visits the Blackmon family home and meets Donny’s daughter, who has just been diagnosed with cancer—and Donny doesn’t know. When Donny’s daughter asks Ed to “go find Daddy,” Ed knows he has to find Donny before the police do, whether or not he’s innocent.

Ed soon realizes finding Donny won’t be an easy job: Donny trusts no one, and he’s gone completely off the grid. But Ed finds something the police have missed and begins piecing the puzzle together. The closer he gets to the truth, the more danger he finds. But he took the job, so Ed is going to find Donny Blackmon—or die trying.

Perfect for fans of Robert Crais and John Sanford

While all the novels in the Ed Runyon Mystery Series stand on their own and can be read in any order, the publication sequence is:

City Problems

Wayward Son

Go Find Daddy