September 2020 Newsletter

Oceanview September 2020 Newsletter

We hope that everyone takes a moment to reflect on September 11, 2001, and the heinous acts of that day nineteen years ago. Our hearts go out to all those who suffered personal losses and to the many heroes who risked life and health to do what they could. That day drove us to become one people, to help those in need, and pledge to do all we can to never let anything like that happen again in our country. Now, I wish that we could all come together and do what is best for our country—for everyone in it. We can be one for all people. We showed it nineteen years ago. Let’s do it again!

Now, to get to the books. Three blockbusters are coming out this month in hardcover, and they are available on all e-readers. These books are like my children—I love them and they are all my favorites. They will be yours, too. All three are action-filled and steeped in mystery and intrigue. And all have characters that will keep playing in your mind long after you have finished the book. Here they are:

Fire and Vengeance by Robert McCaw: on the Big Island of Hawaii, Hilo Detective Koa Kane faces his worst nightmare—the collapse of an elementary school under smoldering volcanic ash. Why build a school in the path of a volcano? Why did no one predict and prevent this tragic disaster? Detailed Hawaiian culture and lore, nonstop suspense, and a crime that tears at the spirit.

Tie Die by Max Tomlinson: Colleen Hayes—ex-con—an unlicensed private detective in the 1970s—teams up with a former British rock star whose young daughter has been kidnapped. A harrowing journey through a music industry rife with corruption and crime ensues—from San Francisco to London and back to San Francisco. Noir—retro—a tantalizing puzzle—and one tough woman.

The President’s Dossier by James A Scott: Get ready to experience the D.C. political scene as an insider. And the timing could not be better—a presidential election is coming up and the Russians really want to play a role. Sound familiar? This is a case of life imitating fiction and now is the perfect time to jump into the action. Meet superspy Max Geller: target of the Kremlin, MI6, and the CIA.

In addition, September brings the paperback release of earlier hardcover and ebook titles. Here they are:

Vanishing in the Haight by Max Tomlinson
The Guilt We Carry by Samuel W. Gailey
Rag and Bone by Joe Clifford
The Third Coincidence by David Bishop

That’s it for September, but here’s a preview of our two hardcover October launches. These are also available on all e-readers:

The Reflecting Pool by Otho Eskin: meet Marko Zorn, Washington Metro police detective with a foot on each side of the law. Zorn knows the cops and he knows the crooks, and he’s willing to benefit from each in support of his high-flying lifestyle—but not if it crosses the line of his lofty set of moral imperatives.

The Girl Who Wasn’t There by Vincent Zandri pulls you into the life of Sidney O’Keefe, just out of maximum-security prison, only wanting to spend time with his wife and daughter. But when his daughter disappears off the beach on Lake Placid, reality strikes, and evil forces swirl out of control.

Finally, check out the special purchasing opportunities below. And . . . keep on reading!



Audiobook fans: Sunshine State and Rigged are only 99 cents (each) on from September 23 to October 22.


Kindle Deals:
Tie Die by Max Tomlinson – $1.99 through September 30
Vanishing in the Haight by Max Tomlinson – $1.99 through September 30
Vindication by H. Terrell Griffin – $1.99 through September 30
Wyatt’s Revenge by H. Terrell Griffin – $1.99 on September 30
Yesterday’s Echo by Matt Coyle – $1.99 through September 30
Yesterday’s News by R. G. Belsky – $1.99 through September 30
Zero Separation by Philip Donlay – $1.99 through September 30

Additional Deals Available On All eReaders:
The President’s Dossier by James A. Scott – $0.99 until September 15
The Reflecting Pool by Otho Eskin – $0.99 from October 9 to October 20
The Stuff Series Collection by Don Bruns – $0.99 from October 10 to October 21

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