November 2015 Newsletter


It’s beginning to cool off here in Florida. That brings a very different feeling to our southern readers than to our friends up north. Delight versus trepidation! Up north, snow could be just around the corner. In Florida, the temperature could drop all the way down to sixty. But in either case the weather is perfect for reading, and Oceanview Publishing is pleased to accommodate your needs.

Before getting into our upcoming books, I need to offer an apology. In last month’s newsletter I reported on our attendance at Bouchercon—the large book conference that was held this year in Raleigh,N.C. I listed our several authors that were in attendance. But I skipped Matt Coyle! A terrible oversight since at this same meeting last year Matt’s book, Yesterday’s Echo, won the prestigious Anthony Award for Best First Novel. So Matt was truly a special attendee this year. Sorry Matt. Now to you readers—don’t forget to read Matt’s latest book,Night Tremors, which we launched in June. It’s terrific.

Our November release, Gumshoe by Rob Leininger, is off to a strong start. If you haven’t read it yet you surely should. Then you can join New York Timesbest-selling author, John Lescroart, who said, “Gumshoe is by a large margin the best and most entertaining P.I. novel I have read in at least the past couple of years. And Mort Angel is now my new favorite private eye.” Pretty good praise. And it got a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly.

Also, in November we released the paperback edition of Category Five by Philip Donlay, featuring the very popular Donovan Nash and his Eco-Watch colleagues in a spectacular thriller. Guess what this book is about? Remember, category five is the classification of a really strong hurricane.

And more breaking news about Philip Donlay. Code Black, another Donovan Nash novel, will be launched in paperback in late November. That will bring all the Donovan Nash novels into Oceanview across all formats, an accomplishment of which we are very proud. And guess what Code Black is about? A really bad blizzard bearing down on Chicago O’Hare Airport as air traffic control is shut down by a grisly accident.

Also in November, we will release the third novel in John J. LeBeau’s Collision series, Collision of Centuries. In this chilling thriller, Kommissar Waldbaer encounters the plague. Yes, the Black Plague of the Middle Ages is back with a vengeance and again the CIA comes to the rescue.

Our December release is a masterwork in the medical thriller genre. Fatal Complications, by practicing anesthesiologist John Benedict, will pull you from the operating room to the hospital basement, and bad things are happening in both—bad enough to endanger the life of newly minted anesthesiologist Luke Daulton, as well as his wife and unborn child. A murderous conspiracy may be at play in the hospital where Daulton is in his first job after training. To all you readers, just remember, if you ever have to face surgery, it is not who puts you to sleep that’s important, it’s who wakes you up! You have got to read this book. It will keep you up late at night. More to say about this next month.

It has been another busy month but we plan to relax with a great meal on Thanksgiving. We hope that all of you will also. And keep on reading.

Check out our current and upcoming eBook specials:

Code Black by Philip Donlay – $.99 through 11/22

Spirit Horses by Alan Evans – $.99 through 11/22

Night Tremors by Matt Coyle – $.99 through 11/26

Category Five by Philip Donlay  – $2.99 11/30 through 12/7

Fatal Complications by John Benedict – $2.99 12/1 through 12/8