May 2017 Newsletter

May is an enchanting month. The weather is generally good, the kids are still in school, flowers are blossoming—and you think about sitting down with a wonderful book—in the house, outside, wherever. We at Oceanview can make that wonderful book available to you. At your local bookstore, library, or online, you can enter that wonderful world of Oceanview books—mysteries, thrillers, suspense.

First, an update on our April book, GUMSHOE FOR TWO, by Rob Leininger. Mortimer Angel, everyone’s favorite Private Investigator, is back. He has some major problems—his fiancée and his beautiful, sexy client have agreed on a way to share Mort. Maybe it’s not really a problem! But also, his tendency to discover body parts of missing celebrities continues. That is a bit of a problem. The book is a fascinating mystery interspersed with considerable humor. You will love it.

The plot behind the May book, LAND OF WOLVES: THE RETURN OF LINCOLN’S BODYGUARD, by Tj Turner, is an exceptional alternate-history thriller. The characters, both male and female, are strong—and the historical issues are spellbinding. But, as exciting as the book is, the story behind the writing is equally so.  Turner was called back to active military duty and sent to his third deployment in Afghanistan to replace his former platoon leader who was killed in an ambush. Much of the editing of this story required significant input from Turner directly from the war zone, an incredible accomplishment. Unfortunately, Tj is still on the battlefield and not available as the book launches. Fortunately, his many fans and friends and excited readers have made the launch a big success. We just want Tj to come safely and enjoy the success of his book. It is a great read.


In May we also launched the paperback edition of Joe Clifford’s powerful novel, DECEMBER BOYS. Jay Porter finds many ways to get himself into trouble, and his new job as an insurance investigator opens the field of opportunities. Great book, now at an even better price. This is a chance to read Clifford’s earlier book before you grab on to our next Clifford book, GIVE UP THE DEAD, releasing in June. New York Times best-selling author and reviewer, Reed Farrel Coleman says that “Joe Clifford is an underground star. GIVE UP THE DEAD should finally expose his star to the light.” More about this book next month, but you can preorder now.

Some additional good news from Oceanview—Ward Larsen’s PASSENGER 19 had a couple more weeks on the Amazon Kindle Bestseller List. Congratulations, Ward.

More good news—eight of our books were licensed for translation and sale in Turkey. They are:



GOLIATH by Shawn Corridan and Gary Waid


PEGASUS DOWN by Philip Donlay

DEAL MASTER by Adam Gittlin

PASSENGER 19 by Ward Larsen

DEEP SIX by D.P. Lyle

ONE TO GO by Mike Pace

Congratulations to all these talented authors.


Be sure to see this month’s special deals below, and, keep on reading.


  • STEALING TRINITY by Ward Larsen – $.99 May 26th – June 2nd
  • DEEP SIX by D.P. Lyle – $.99 Kindle only on June 6th
  • LAMENTATION by Joe Clifford – $2.99 June 6th – June 13th
  • DECEMBER BOYS by Joe Clifford – $2.99 June 6th – June 13th
  • GIVE UP THE DEAD by Joe Clifford – $.99 June 6th – June 13th
  • IN THEIR BLOOD by Sharon Potts – $.99 June 9th – June 16th


And the following titles will be available for $.99 on Kindle for the entire month of June:

  • KIND OF BLUE by Miles Corwin
  • MIDNIGHT ALLEY by Miles Corwin
  • DARK FISSURES by Matt Coyle
  • NIGHT TREMORS by Matt Coyle
  • YESTERDAY’S ECHO by Matt Coyle
  • FATAL ODDS by John F. Dobbyn
  • NEON DRAGON by John F. Dobbyn
  • CATEGORY FIVE by Philip Donlay
  • PEGASUS DOWN by Philip Donlay
  • SPIRIT HORSES by Alan S. Evans
  • BITTER LEGACY by H. Terrell Griffin
  • BLOOD ISLAND by H. Terrell Griffin
  • CHASING JUSTICE by H. Terrell Griffin
  • FATAL DECREE by H. Terrell Griffin
  • FOUND by H. Terrell Griffin
  • MORTAL DILEMMA by H. Terrell Griffin
  • WYATT’S REVENGE by H. Terrell Griffin
  • POCKET-47 by Jude Hardin
  • FLY BY NIGHT by Ward Larsen
  • GUMSHOE by Rob Leininger
  • THE LOST CONCERTO by Helaine Mario
  • REVELATION by Carter Wilson