May 2015 Newsletter

Spring has finally arrived!

To help you celebrate, we are releasing some great thrillers,

and promoting some of our best-selling titles. 

Available today, Method 15/33, by debut author Shannon Kirk. Shannon’s incredible talent has been recognized by starred reviews from bothPublishers Weekly and Booklist. These two coveted literary review sources reserve starred reviews for the very finest in new literature. Great starred accolades for any author, let alone a first-time fiction author from both of these resources, is virtually an unheard of event!

Method 15/33
Shannon Kirk
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This book is not only a chilling thriller, but also a psychological tour de force. The protagonist is sixteen and pregnant, and kidnapped, but as New York Timesbest-selling author, F. Paul Wilson says, “…Her captors want her baby. Little do they know they’ve brought an insanely brilliant, angry, vengeful borderline sociopath under their roof. Somebody is in big trouble…and it isn’t the teenager.” 

“In Kirk’s harrowing first novel, a kidnap victim—

16 years old and pregnant—meticulously plots her escape…

This exciting tale builds to a surprising climax.”

<spanstyle=”font-family:arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>—Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

“Nietzsche warned us to beware of people with a strong desire to punish. That thought lingers after putting down this dark, disturbing, damnably readable novel…a worthy challenge, a joy to discuss, and a great pairing with John Katzenback’s equally riveting What Comes Next (2012).”

—Booklist (Starred Review)

Purchase your copy of Method 15/33 through these retailers…

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Weather aside, April was a wonderful month for Oceanview Publishing, and for our author, T.J. Turner. His debut novel,Lincoln’s Bodyguard, launched just in time for the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s assassination, and is showing outstanding sales. This book is certainly not just for historians or “Lincolnphiles”, although it provides a fascinating revisionist history: for a scenario in which John Wilkes-Booth’s assassination attempt is thwarted and President Lincoln survives. The book is also a first class thriller with unique characters and suspense that carries to the very last page.

Lincoln’s Bodyguard


<spanstyle=”font-size:20px;”>TJ Turner

“In the prologue of Turner’s first novel, an intriguing and plausible alternative history, Joseph Foster, a bodyguard in the presidential box at Ford’s Theatre on the night of April 14, 1865, prevents John Wilkes Booth from assassinating Lincoln. Seven years later, however, the Civil War still simmers as a guerilla conflict. Foster, who left Washington after saving the president’s life, returns to D.C. in response to a summons from Lincoln, now in his third term. The president, a shadow of his former self (“the office had drained him, pulling his very essence from the shell of his suit”), is worried about a traitor in the White House passing secrets to the Confederates. Meanwhile, Col. William Norris, a leader of the resistance who headed the Confederate Secret Service, offers to end the fighting. Despite Norris’s role in planning Booth’s murderous mission, Lincoln wants Foster to meet with him. The plot twists of this imaginative what-if will keep readers guessing.”

—Publishers Weekly

Lincoln’s Bodyguard is available through:

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Philip Donlay’s March release of Aftershock is off and running, and so is author Philip Donlay, who continues his cross-country speaking and signing tour that is sure to be a winner. Take a look at Phil’s website: for announcements and try your best to attend one (or more). Aftershock is sensational. So go say “hello” to Phil—and buy a book. If you can’t make an event, Aftershock and all Philip Donlay’s books are available everywhere books are sold both in paper and e-book. And ask for it at your library; if they don’t have it, make sure they order it to include in their collection..

<spanstyle=”color:#000000;”>Philip Donlay
<spanstyle=”color:#000000;”>“Donlay continues to deliver high-quality, character-driven thrillers with this latest in his Donovan Nash series. One of Nash’s closest friends, Stephanie VanGelder, is kidnapped in Guatemala. A straightforward rescue goes horribly wrong, leaving Nash with the problem of coming up with an alternate plan. Estranged from his wife and daughter, Nash has another problem: convince his immediate family to let him back into their lives. This personal angle gives the story an emotional core, and a rumbling volcano sets the time clock on suspense and leads to a frantic turning of pages. Donlay is on the verge of breaking out—and deservedly so. Readers who pick this fine thriller up will eagerly seek out the previous titles and wait impatiently for the next Nash adventure”

Purchase your copy of Aftershock through these retailers…

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Next month will highlight our June release, Night Tremors, by the Anthony Award winning author of Yesterday’s Echo, Matt Coyle. Matt brings back his alluring but troubled character, Rick Cahill, in another outstanding thriller. More on this next month.

Night Tremors
Matt Coyle

“Rick Cahill is not a happy man. The former police officer turned PI still has nightmares about a man he killed two years ago, and he feels that he is responsible for the murder of his wife. Despairing of taking more cases involving the tracking of unfaithful spouses, he decides to help a lawyer he despises free an imprisoned man who may have been unjustly convicted of murder. The case puts him at odds with both the police department and a nasty biker gang and leads to a high-speed chase around San Diego. Solid hardboiled thriller fare.”


Pre-order your copy of Night Tremors through these retailers…

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Take a look at the specials below and, keep on reading.

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<spanstyle=”font-family:arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>Fatal Decree


H. Terrell Griffin

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<spanstyle=”font-family: arial, helvetica, sans-serif;”>Fly by Night


Ward Larsen

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