June 2020 Newsletter

Quarantine, six feet, mask, social distancing—these have become our most frequently used terms—strange times! Soon they will be overshadowed by election language—polls, rallies, conventions, voting. Hopefully there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not an approaching train. Let’s get back to words like read, books, bookstores, libraries, book clubs. The calming influence will be welcome.

But even among all this, we have some really wonderful news. The 2019 Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Awards have been announced and (drum roll) the 2019 Gold Winner for Mystery is Below the Fold by R. G. Belsky, and an Honorable Mention for Thriller & Suspense went to Samuel W. Gailey for The Guilt We Carry. Please join me in congratulating these very accomplished authors.

Oceanview continues to look for ways to get incredible mystery/thriller novels to the public in the format that works best for them. Schedule juggling is becoming our specialty. With bookstores and libraries closed, we accelerated the releases of some digital and audio formats, but soon we’ll be back to our standard approach of simultaneous hard cover, ebook, and audio formats.

Even in the pandemic world, our May releases are faring very well. The Last Scoop by R. G. Belsky is being much appreciated by fans of Clare Carlson, NYC TV news director. Many more readers are joining those ranks as Clare sets off on the trail of a serial killer deadlier than Son of Sam or Ted Bundy.

In May we also released Rigged by D. P. Lyle. Everybody loves Jake Longly, the reluctant private investigator, and his partner and avid love interest, Nicole Jamison. A fascinating pair in many respects. There’s nothing not to love, especially the humor woven into the terror.

Quite a month. But we did save some for June.

On June 2 we released both the hardcover and e-book format of Broken Genius by Drew Murray. New York Times best-selling author Kelley Armstrong says about this story: “A tech thriller with brains and heart. Memorable characters and sharply written action themes make this excellent debut a standout.” I could not agree more. You will absolutely not believe how good this debut is!

Then on June 16, the e-book format of Tie Die by Max Tomlinson was released. Private investigator Colleen Hayes is back in 1970s San Francisco, helping an ex rock star find his kidnapped eleven-year-old daughter. Tomlinson brings his artistry to setting, characters, and story to produce a not-to-miss masterpiece.

On June 23 we will release the The Reflecting Pool by Otho Eskin in e-book format. This debut novel by an established playwright introduces Washington, D.C. police detective Marko Zorn. You’ll never find a more unique protagonist. His elegant lifestyle requires that he do some shaky moonlighting for extra money, stretching the meaning of moral fiber into a rubber band ready to snap.

The Girl Who Wasn’t There by Vincent Zandri will launch in e-book and audio format on June 30th. Excellent reviews are pouring in for this edge-of-your-seat thriller from this New York Times best-selling author. The bottom line on this one: trust no one. Not your best friend, not your wife, not the police—and certainly not yourself.

And there’s one more audiobook that’s just released: Fire and Vengeance by Robert McCaw. Set in Hawaii, this is a unique police procedural that will put you on the Big Island and expose a dark and foreboding incident in paradise.

July will bring a blockbuster political thriller that could not be more timely—The President’s Dossier by James A. Scott, in e-book format. More to follow next month.

Well folks, that’s it for now. But please see the additional purchasing opportunities below and—KEEP ON READING!


Kindle Deals:

Blood Truth by Matt Coyle – $1.99 through June 30

Code Black by Philip Donlay – $1.99 through June 30

Dark Fissures by Matt Coyle – $1.99 through June 30

Death at Whitewater Church by Andrea Carter – $1.99 through June 30

The Replacements by David Putnam – $0.99 on June 18 (Daily Deal)

The Squandered by David Putnam – $1.99 through June 30

The Vanquished by David Putnam – $1.99 through June 30

Additional Deals Available On All eReaders:

Broken Genius by Drew Murray – $1.99 through June 30

Code Black by Philip Donlay – $1.99 through June 22

Fire and Vengeance by Robert McCaw – $0.99 through June 24

Gumshoe by Rob Leininger – $1.99 through June 22

Kind of Blue by Miles Corwin – $0.99 from June 28 to July 15

Lincoln’s Bodyguard by TJ Turner – $1.99 through June 22

The Reflecting Pool by Otho Eskin – $1.99 from June 30 to July 14

Tie Die by Max Tomlinson – $1.99 through June 30

Yesterday’s Echo by Matt Coyle – $1.99 through July 1