June 2017 Newsletter

It’s June. Summer is here. School is out and the kids are home. Now that there is no need to study, all those young folks can read for pleasure—and so can their parents. Oceanview is here to help.

Our May book, Land of Wolves: The Return of Lincoln’s Bodyguard by TJ Turner, had a terrific launch—and to make it even better, TJ has returned from his third deployment in Afghanistan. One year as a platoon leader in the war zone is more than enough—and for the third time! We are happy to have him home—safe and sound. Sorry he missed his book launch, however. If you haven’t read this book, you certainly should, and also TJ’s previous book, Lincoln’s Bodyguard. Same cast of characters, two great books.

June brings back our very popular author, Joe Clifford, with Give Up The Dead. This Jay Porter novel follows the highly successful Lamentation and December Boys. Jay is still having trouble getting his life together but now he has an opportunity to buy his boss’s business and things are looking up. That all changes when Jay gets an offer from a mysterious stranger that seems too good to be true. So Jay passes on it. The next day his boss is badly beaten and left for dead, painting Jay as the main suspect. As clues begin to tie the job offer and his boss’s fate together, Jay finds himself right in the line of fire. If you are a Jay Porter fan, you must see how Jay fares in this life-and-death situation. If you have not yet met Jay Porter, get Give Up The Dead and introduce yourself. You won’t be sorry. In addition, Clifford’s previous book, December Boys, released in May in a paperback version. This offers a great chance for readers to catch up.

As summer begins in earnest, Oceanview offers many special reading opportunities that can be found by going to the link below.