June 2016 Newsletter

June has been a strange month—flooding, hurricane threats, colder-than-expected weather, a wacky presidential campaign—but Oceanview Publishing continues to bring out spectacular books.

Hopefully you will have read our June release, December Boys by Joe Clifford. Many of you must have purchased it already since the rankings are very high. It seems Jay Porter just can’t stay out of trouble as he doggedly seeks the truth. You no doubt remember Jay from Clifford’s previous Anthony Award-nominated novel Lamentation. If you haven’t picked up a copy yet, do so now in either hard copy or any ebook reader or audio.

And, you will absolutely love our July book release Deep Six by D. P. Lyle. All you mystery readers know Lee Child and his Jack Reacher character. Well, here is what Lee said about Deep Six, “We all know Lyle’s erudition and expertise—but who knew he was this funny?” This book has it all—humor, loveable and hateable characters, corruption, vendettas, and more. A thriller that will keep you turning pages, chuckling as you do. Deep Six releases on July 5th. Maybe you should preorder, just to be safe.

And for July, Oceanview has even more good news.

Paul Batista’s Death’s Witness just hit the USA Today best-seller list and we want to congratulate Paul. And, on July 19th, Oceanview will release Manhattan Lockdown by Paul Batista. USA Today best-selling author Jon Land says, “Manhattan Lockdown is about as terrifyingly timely as it gets. Paul Batista’s provocative tale of a game-changing terrorist attack in New York City is both a superb procedural thriller and a stark morality tale, riveting and relentless.” Imagine bombs exploding in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, attacks on other of the city’s icons—and the impact of a prolonged lockdown of Manhattan. Get in line for this book, and if you have not read Death’s Witness, add that to your list.

Late breaking news for Oceanview. Two Oceanview authors—yes, two—are finalist for the coveted private eye book award, the Shamus Award. Night Tremors by Matt Coyle is a finalist for the Best First PI Novel and Gumshoe by Rob Leininger is a finalist for the Best PI Novel! Congratulations to both Matt and Rob. And if you recall from last month’s news, Night Tremors by Matt Coyle is also a finalist for the Anthony Award Best Novel.

Recently joining the ranks of best-selling authors in addition to Paul Batista for Death’s Witness is Helaine Mario for her magnificent novel The Lost Concerto. Congratulations, Paul and Helaine.

Take a look at some special pricing opportunities below . . . and keep on reading!

  • The Test by Patricia Gussin – $.99 through 6/17
  • Method 15/33 by Shannon Kirk – $.99 through 6/21
  • Shark Fin Soup by Susan Klaus – $.99 6/23-7/3
  • Pegasus Down by Philip Donlay – $.99 6/30-7/7
  • Gumshoe by Rob Leininger – $.99 7/4-7/11
  • Deep Six by D. P. Lyle – $.99 7/5-7/12
  • Run To Ground by D. P. Lyle – $2.99 7/5-7/12
  • The Deal by Adam Gittlin – $.99 6/26-6/30, 7/9-7/16
  • The Deal: About Face by Adam Gittlin – $.99 6/26-6/30, 7/9-7/16
  • Deal Master by Adam Gittlin – $.99 6/26-6/30, 7/9-7/16
  • Night Tremors by Matt Coyle – $.99 7/12-7/19
  • Yesterday’s Echo by Matt Coyle – $.99 7/12-7/19