July Newsletter


We hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day and are enjoying your summer!
Many good things are happening for authors at Oceanview. First, we signed another motion picture option—for Method 15/33, by Shannon Kirk. And that’s not all. Translational rights for the book were licensed to large publishers in Germany and Italy. And there’s more-The audio rights to Method 15/33 were licensed to Penguin/Randomhouse Audio and they plan to release the audio version shortly!
Congratulations, Shannon. Hard to believe she is a debut author.
What a great start.




Also, we received more starred reviews. The Lost Concerto by Helaine Mario got a starred review from Library Journal, a great start for our July release, and The Comfort of Black by Carter Wilson, our August release, got a starred review from Publishers Weekly. Congratulations to Helaine and Carter. Those stars are not easy to come by. For our readers, these are two books you definitely must put on your list. After you read them you will want to give them starred reviews as well.


On July 1 we launched Helaine Mario’s novel, The Lost Concerto. If you like classical music, you will love this book. If you enjoy art, you will love this book. And if you like terrific mystery/thriller novels, you will  love this book. It has something for everyone wrapped into one great story. 



“Musical artifacts and stolen art also figure into the action which builds to a highly satisfying resolution…fans of romantic thrillers will be enthralled.”

—Publishers Weekly


“Music is not just backdrop here but also a character that permeates Maggie’s life. With the help of a vigilant retired colonel and bolstered by the transformative power of classical music, Maggie finds what has been lost, including herself. Brava!”

Library Journal—Starred Review





The Lost Concerto


Helaine Mario










“It’s powerful and evocative. It’s also brutal and graphic at times, sparing the reader nothing. Other times, it’s funny and poignant. And throughout the whole winds a love of music that is tangible.”

—Tales to Tide You Over 




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That’s not all, folks. Ward Larsen’s highly awarded book, The Perfect Assassin, once again made the Kindle Weekly Bestseller list and also the Apple I-Book Bestseller list. Congratulations, Ward. Also, word is that filming of the movie based on this book will begin late this year or early next. Our fingers are crossed!















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With Helaine Mario’s The Lost Concerto launched and off to a rousing start, we now look forward to the August 4th launch of The Comfort of Black by Carter Wilson. Bestselling author, M.J.Rose says about this book, “From the very first shocking, irreverent, and chilling line, you know The Comfort  of Black is anything but your average thriller. It’s an exemplary thriller. A knock-your-socks-off thriller…”  Need I say more? Be on the lookout for this one. You won’t stop reading until the shocking ending.

The Comfort of Black
Carter Wilson

“Hannah Parks, the heroine of Carter’s outstanding paranoid thriller, is the tightly wrapped and semi-alcoholic but nevertheless determinedly happy wife of Dallin, a rising Seattle Internet-security entrepreneur—until Dallin mutters words in his sleep that suggest he’s a sadistic murderer. Then everything falls apart. None of the certainties in Hannah’s life can be trusted: all the people around her are potential traitors, and she isn’t safe anywhere. She even suspects that the personable and ultracompetent man who calls himself Black may have come to her rescue a bit too conveniently. Hannah’s brutal childhood makes her believably vulnerable, and Carter (The Boy in the Woods) is extremely good at creating a series of shattering, Philip K. Dickian revelations that would rock anyone’s personal security. The explanation for all the devious plotting, perhaps inevitably, is somewhat anticlimactic, but readers still will be absorbed by Hannah’s struggle to understand what has been done to her and to re-create a sane life.”

—Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)


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And now to throw out the bait to all those H. Terrell Griffin fans—On September 1 we will release Chasing Justice. Matt Royal is back and better than ever—not just at solving crimes, but also in the courtroom.

If you are not already a Royal fan, you will be after this one.








Chasing Justice has already begun to receive highest critical praise!






“At the start of Griffin’s excellent eighth Matt Royal mystery (after 2013’s Found), Royal, a “lawyer and mostly retired,” is enjoying life on Longboat Key, Fla., with those whom he considers “the best people on earth.” One is his lover, J.D. Duncan, the island’s lone police detective, who’s investigating the murder of a beautiful nude woman found in a ritzy beach house. Another is Abby Lester, the local police chief’s wife, who’s arrested for killing a shady developer. Though Matt has nothing to gain and maybe much to lose, he agrees to defend Abby. Meanwhile, J.D. uncovers sleazy connections that link her case to Abby’s. Griffin, a former trial attorney, often contrasts how things used to be with how they regrettably are now, showcasing today’s “devastated hell” of Florida’s “forgotten ones” and damning a system where too many lawyers are unscrupulous, too many policemen are corrupt, and politicians dare to threaten honest judges. Even so, Royal ensures that justice triumphs in this highly satisfying courtroom drama.”

—Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)
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Enjoy the beautiful summer weather and, keep on reading.