July 2016 Newsletter

It’s July and by now we must all be saturated with political speeches, advertisements, etc. Let’s look at the bright side—only four more months to go (ouch)! It is definitely time for some good fiction reading—and I do not mean campaign rhetoric. I mean Oceanview novels.

July is a big month at Oceanview. Two new books are being launched. On July 5th we released DEEP SIX by D. P. Lyle and on July 19th we released MANHATTAN LOCKDOWN by well-known New York criminal defense lawyer, Paul Batista. And what incredible books they are. Doug Lyle is off to a roaring start—with both laughter and sales. This is a funny book as well as a gripping thriller. Dr. Lyle has proven that a practicing cardiologist can be funny. His character Jake Longly is that combination of tough, cool, and quirky. But when he teams up with his new squeeze, Nicole Jamison, they have a tough time staying out of harm’s way as they become a two-for-one P.I. team. With a cast of wonderful characters, both good and bad, and a few really scary, you do not want to miss this romp. So get that order in soon for DEEP SIX by D. P. Lyle

In MANHATTAN LOCKDOWN Batista brings a provocative tale of a major terrorist cell operating in Manhattan with devastating results—and no one can find them. Well, maybe someone can—but not using traditional, and legal, methods. These attacks are game changers and the tactics needed to stop them must be unique. This is a nail-biter, too close to a real possibility for comfort, but chock full of fascinating characters and some major confrontations between bureaucracy and those willing to challenge it. Timely, frightening, captivating—you will not be able to put it down.  So go get your copy of MANHATTAN LOCKDOWN by Paul Batista.

In August you will see FATAL ODDS by John F. Dobbyn.  Dobbyn has succeeded in wrapping a wonderful thriller around a real problem of immense magnitude—the illicit trade of exotic animals and birds, many of which are becoming extinct. This has become the third biggest money-earner for organized crime, just behind drugs and prostitution. You will hear more about this book next month.

July saw the release of the paperback version of NIGHT TREMORS, the Anthony and Shamus Awards nominee by Matt Coyle. July also saw the audiobook release of AFTER THE FALL, the USA Best Book and Florida Book Awards winner by Patricia Gussin.  And METHOD 15/33 by Shannon Kirk was named the INDIEFAB Book of the Year Award Winner, receiving the Gold Medal in the Thriller & Suspense (Adult Fiction) category. Congratulations, Shannon. Also, GUMSHOE by Rob Leininger hit the USA Today bestseller list. Congratulations, Rob. PASSENGER 19, by highly successful author Ward Larsen, was just licensed for publication in Bulgaria. In addition, PASSENGER 19 recently hit the iBooks weekly bestseller list.  Congratulations, Ward. Also, many Oceanview authors were in attendance at ThrillerFest, the big annual meeting of the International Thriller Writers, held in Manhattan. Our authors were quite visible as panelists. So, lots of good news this month.

Please take a look at some ebook pricing opportunities below, and keep on reading.

  • DECEMBER BOYS by Joe Clifford – $.99 through July 24th
  • MANHATTAN LOCKDOWN by Paul Batista – $.99 through July 26th
  • DEATH’S WITNESS by Paul Batista – $2.99 through July 26th
  • EXTRAORDINARY RENDITION by Paul Batista – $2.99 through July 26th
  • THE BORZOI KILLINGS by Paul Batista – $2.99 through July 26th
  • DEAL MASTER by Adam Gittlin – $.99 July 28th – August 4th
  • THE DEAL by Adam Gittlin – $.99 July 28th – August 4th
  • THE DEAL: ABOUT FACE by Adam Gittlin – $.99 July 28th – August 4th
  • THE FALLEN by Mark Terry – $.99 August 1st – 11th
  • FATAL ODDS by John F. Dobbyn – $.99 August 1st – 9th
  • NEON DRAGON by John F. Dobbyn – $2.99 August 1st – 9th
  • FRAME-UP by John F. Dobbyn – $2.99 August 1st – 9th
  • BLACK DIAMOND by John F. Dobbyn – $2.99 August 1st – 9th
  • DEADLY DIAMONDS by John F. Dobbyn – $2.99 August 1st – 9th
  • FLY BY WIRE by Ward Larsen – $.99 August 1st – 9th