January 2018 Newsletter

Happy New Year everyone. Let’s hope that 2018 is a good year overall. For Oceanview Publishing, and more importantly for you our readers, 2018 should be an outstanding year—because many wonderful books are coming your way.

First, some exciting news. Blood Truth, by Matt Coyle, is a nominee for the Left Coast Writers Lefty Award for best mystery of the year. Come Home by Patricia Gussin was named a Florida Weekly Pick of the Year and A-List by D. P. Lyle was named one of the best books of 2017 by Suspense Magazine. Blood Truth and A-List also made Bookreporter’s “Best of 2017” list. Congratulations to these very talented authors.

I would also note that all three of these recently launched books are selling exceptionally well as the three authors have been extremely active with book signing tours and speaking engagements. You readers should check these authors’ websites to see if they may be signing in your area. If so, go out and meet them. They are all interesting characters.

January 2nd marked the launch of Vindication by H. Terrell Griffin. This Matt Royal mystery differs from the other Royal novels as Terry set this book largely in The Villages, that gigantic retirement community in central Florida, rather than in Sarasota or Longboat Key, the venues of past Royal novels. The book is not only a terrific mystery, but nails life in The Villages. And The Villages is a character in its own right: More than 100,000 residents, forty golf courses, and a million golf carts. Well, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but they are the main means of transportation for the residents.

As an aside, author Patricia Gussin recently had a unique experience while signing books at the Barnes & Noble Bookstore in The Villages. Shortly after her signing began, the store caught fire! An electrical fire in the ceiling. The store filled with smoke and was evacuated as numerous fire truck arrived. She has been invited back at a future date.

But, to get back to Terry Griffin’s new book, it is part police procedural and part courtroom drama. And nobody does it better than Terry Griffin. After you finish this book you may want to move to The Villages—maybe not.

February will bring The Innocents, another Bruno Johnson novel from David Putnam, everyone’s favorite sheriff’s deputy. This time Deputy Dave brings you a prequel that takes you back to Bruno’s days as a rookie cop. And in this case, a rookie cop with a devastating assignment: infiltrate a team of his colleagues—and survive. This action-packed thriller is full of surprises. You will not be able to put it down once you have started reading.

February will also bring the release of the paperback version of Philip Donlay’s very popular Aftershock. Donovan Nash once again places himself in extreme peril to rescue a very close friend, who is kidnapped in Guatemala. Reading this will not just provide great entertainment, but will also prepare you for our March release, Donlay’s Speed the Dawn. This time a great meteor shower sparks massive fires that rage across Northern California. And Donovan is one of the people trapped in the midst of the flames. Can he save himself, let alone help the thousands of others who are endangered by the rapidly spreading fires? Another great read from an extremely talented author.

That’s it for now. Remember, keep on reading—and take a look at the special purchasing opportunities here.