February 2019 Newsletter

We at Oceanview Publishing are counting our blessings for having moved the company from the Northeast to Florida a few years ago. Here we just have to struggle through some sixty degree nights but we are saved by the eighty degree days. Sorry for gloating. We really are sympathetic towards our northern friends.

Our January release, The Guilt We Carry, by Samuel Gailey is selling very well, buoyed by outstanding reviews, one touting it as the “Breaking Bad” of books. Gailey is very busy with presentations and book signings at locations around the country. Don’t miss him if he comes to your neighborhood.

February brings back highly popular thriller writer, David Putnam, with The Reckless, his sixth book in the very successful Bruno Johnson series. Bruno and his partner, Ned Keefer, are loaned out to the FBI to take on a case that no one else wants to touch—a gang of juvenile criminals. How do you stop them without killing kids and avoid being killed by them? And to make matters worse, the gang is being guided by a nefarious criminal known as the Darkman. Putnam pulls out all of his law enforcement background to infuse this book with excitement that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The book is already in its second printing and it has just hit the market!

In addition, February will also welcome the launch of the paperback edition of A-List by D.P. Lyle. Lyle mixes his humor and romantic antics between popular but reluctant P.I., Jake Longly, and sidekick and girlfriend, Nicole Jamison, in a New Orleans-based drama that proves that nothing is easy in The Big Easy.

Now for a sneak peek at our March release, A Room Full of Night by TR Kenneth. When a small piece of silk falls from the back of an old, long-forgotten portrait with the words HELP ME from a time before World War II and from an address in Berlin, burnt-out journalist, Stag Maguire can’t resist researching the address. His phone call changes his life forever, when he finds himself pitted against a modern day vestige of the Third Reich made up of men with power and wealth beyond Stag’s wildest imagination.

Also, be sure to see the special purchasing opportunities below and—keep on reading!


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