April 2018 Newsletter

Even Punxsutawney Phil, the weather-predicting groundhog, must be scratching his head, wondering how Mother Nature could be so screwed-up. Winter-spring-summer—it’s like roulette with everyone wondering where the bouncing ball will land. No matter—a good book is a good book, regardless of the weather. So, rain or shine, warm or cold, grab an intriguing book from Oceanview Publishing and settle in for a very enjoyable read.

But before we get to the books—some incredible news! Miracles still happen! After only twelve years in the publishing business, Oceanview founders Bob and Pat Gussin will be honored with the Publishing Legends Award from the International Thriller Writers Association (ITW). The award will be presented in July at ThrillerFest in New York City.

Speed the Dawn

Now, to get to the important business at hand. Our March release Speed the Dawn by Philip Donlay is once again proving the popularity of protagonist Donovan Nash—and his wife Dr. Lauren McKenna—with brisk sales and outstanding reviews. If you’re looking for excitement, there’s nothing like a massive meteor shower triggering a tsunami and massive fires that demolish the entire Monterey Peninsula and threaten the whole San Francisco Bay area. This is a thrill-a-minute story, so hot it almost burns your fingers as you read the book or ebook.

Gumshoe on the Loose

And April brings us Rob Leininger’s Gumshoe on the Loose, the return of Mortimer Angel, PI-in-training. Once again, Mort’s penchant for finding bodies, or at least body parts, hold true. Hired by an attractive girl to investigate a ransom note, Mort finds the body of missing rapper Jonnie Xenon hanging in the young lady’s garage with two bullet holes in him—and for Mort, it all goes downhill from there. If you are already a fan of Mortimer Angel, grab this book. If not, grab the book—and you will become a fan—guaranteed.

Yesterday’s News
In May, you will meet a new-to-Oceanview author, R. G. Belsky. In Yesterday’sNews, Belsky uses his extensive background in newspaper and TV news reporting to bring you Clare Carlson and a story with enough twists to make your head spin. An incredible thriller that delivers a surprise a page—to the last page. More next month about Yesterday’s News.
The Consultant
And a special treat in May this year: the release of The Consultant, by Tj O’Connor, an author new to Oceanview. Here’s a thriller focused on terrorism—but terrorism with a major difference—terrorism that not only occurs on US soil, but in a small Virginia town, not far from DC And rogue CIA consultant, Jonathon Hunter as he looks into the murder of his estranged brother, stumbles right into it—a high tension situation that will force America into another major Middle Eastern war.

Land of Wolves: The Return of Lincoln’s Bodyguard

May will also bring out the paperback version of Land of Wolves: The Return of Lincoln’s Bodyguard by TJ Turner. Joseph Foster, who saved President Lincoln from assassination, returns with this alternative history fiction, With Molly at his side, he tracks the evils of the Industrial Consortium from Tennessee to New York City to the Black Hills of the Lakota Sioux. Tension at every turn and history seeping off of every page makes this a phenomenal read—now in paperback.


A couple of additional pieces of good news. Oceanview author Patricia Gussin has, for the second time, won the Gold Medal for Popular Fiction in the Florida Book Awards, a state-awarded honor. The 2017 Gold for Come Home follows the 2015 Gold for After the Fall.

And very exciting for Oceanview this year is that we have four finalists in the Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Award. Gumshoe for Two by Rob Leininger in the Mystery category; Give Up the Dead by Joe Clifford, Come Home by Patricia Gussin, and Blood Truth by Matt Coyle in the Thriller/Suspense category. Please wish all of these amazing authors the best as the winners are chosen!

Please see the additional ebook purchasing opportunities below and, keep on reading:
REVELATION – by Carter Wilson – $2.99 April 28-30
THE COMFORT OF BLACK – by Carter Wilson $2.99 April 28-30
FINAL CROSSING – by Carter Wilson $2.99 April 28-30
 THE BLACK STILETTO SAGA – by Raymond Benson-$.99 April 29-May 1
 A-LIST by D. P. Lyle – $.99 April 18-20
 Kindle Daily Deal – VINDICATION by H.Terrell Griffin – $.99 April 18 ONLY
 Kindle Monthly Deal – CODE BLACK by Philip Donlay – $.99 April 1-30
 Kindle Monthly Deal –THE STUFF SERIES COLLECTION by Don Bruns- $4.99 April 1-30