After The Fall - New Release

For January, we bring you  After the Fall by New York Times and USA Today best-selling author, Patricia Gussin. This is the fourth and last of the “Laura Nelson” novels. With a coveted “starred” review in the prestigious Pulishers Weekly magazine, this awesome finale is off to a rousing start. For the many fans of Laura Nelson as well as those who have not yet met her, this book is for you. While all four of the books are “stand alone” stories, After the Fall will bring some surprises for the fans while stimulating new readers to go back and read the other three.

“Gussin deftly resolves the various plotlines at the climax. Along the way, she vividly depicts her characters’ interior lives, especially Jake’s slide into monomania as he collides with the determined, clear-headed Laura.”

Publishers Weekly ***Starred Review***

“Gussin completes her Laura Nelson series with an action-packed medical thriller…Gussin uses her experience as a surgeon and medical researcher to create a complex, realistic story that will appeal to readers with a taste for thrillers centering on science and politics.”


“This book is the fourth and, sadly, the end of the Laura Nelson series that has been so incredible to read…This fascinating series has the reader chomping at the bit for yet another piece of the puzzle every single time one of the books comes to an end. The writing, the characters, the plot—everything is so well done. Patricia Gussin will continue to gift fans with another amazing tale very soon. But Laura Nelson and her relentless determination and heroine status will be missed.”

—Suspense Magazine

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