• November 2022 Newsletter

    New and Exciting November Reads! It’s November – time to gather with family and friends, near and far, and celebrate all we’re thankful for. I don’t know about you, but I’m thankful for the warm Florida sunshine! And for our new November releases, of course. Two hardcovers this month – one in Andrea Carter’s Irish … Continue reading November 2022 Newsletter

  • October 2022 Newsletter

    It’s a Month of Mysteries with our New October Reads! Oceanview Publishing and the month of October make great partners—They are both masters of mystery and full of surprises. We can’t help you with the weather but we sure can bring you some fabulous mysteries. Welcome back Carter, Coyle, and Eskin with THE BODY FALLS, … Continue reading October 2022 Newsletter

  • September 2022 Newsletter

    Bring on Fall with our New September Reads! Fall has arrived! It’s time to shake out the sand from your beach reads and curl up with a good book by the fire. Maybe one of our new releases will keep you company! Two debut novels: one a Boston-set legal thriller, the other an espionage thriller … Continue reading September 2022 Newsletter

  • August 2022 Newsletter

    Beat the heat with one of our new August releases Here is some comforting although electrifying reading as we anticipate the arrival of fall weather. The weather will be welcomed by some and shunned by others. Hopefully, our books will be welcomed by all! Two PI novels, one set in rural Ohio and one in … Continue reading August 2022 Newsletter

  • July 2022 Newsletter

    Hot summer reading It’s mid-summer and it is pretty hot. But not as hot as our new releases! In hardcover and e-book: ABIDING CONVICTION by Stephen M. Murphy. A judge on trial—it doesn’t get hotter than that! Plus two titles now out in paperback—BAD SCENE by Max Tomlinson and CITY PROBLEMS by Steve Goble—and two in audiobooks! Happy summer reading! … Continue reading July 2022 Newsletter

  • June 2022 Newsletter

    Summer reading is heating up! Our sensational releases this month are—BACKSTORY by William L. Myers, Jr. in hardcover and THE NECKLACE by Matt Witten in paperback. Each of these novels will once again demonstrate that you do not have to be Don Quixote to fight windmills. I loved them both. I know that you will … Continue reading June 2022 Newsletter

  • May 2022 Newsletter

    Bring on the Spring! I’m a Floridian travelling in New England. It’s forty degrees and I’m freezing! I would much rather read about cold places in our books than be in them! Happy Reading!   New in hardcover and ebook!   Disappeared by Bonnar Spring Perfect for fans of Tana French and Martin Cruz Smith … Continue reading May 2022 Newsletter

  • April 2022 Newsletter

    Our books are blossoming! It’s spring! Our books are blossoming! Don’t miss the beauty of this opportunity.   New in hardcover and ebook! Paradise Cove by Davin Goodwin A perfect beach. A perfect day. Until a severed leg washes ashore.   Retired cop Roscoe Conklin finds himself in the middle of a gruesome investigation on … Continue reading April 2022 Newsletter

  • March 2022 Newsletter

    Spring into a new book! New mystery and thriller releases in March I keep hearing that March Madness is here. But that’s basketball. What about reading? Can we create a March Madness in reading? Which will be our number one book? Who is on the bubble? Who is the sleeper? Just like basketball—it won’t be … Continue reading March 2022 Newsletter

  • February 2022 Newsletter

    New releases for our mystery and thriller valentines in February! It’s February and it’s pretty cold in some parts of the country and quite warm in others. My advice to those of you living in the Northeast—Move to Florida! Wherever you find yourself we have some great new releases for you to enjoy by the … Continue reading February 2022 Newsletter

  • January 2022 Newsletter

    Welcome to the New Year and more rousing reading from Oceanview Publishing. We wish all of you a healthy, happy, and joy-filled 2022. Here are three books releasing this month—TREACHERY TIMES TWO, a Hawaii-based edge of your seat thriller from Robert McCaw, and two paperbacks: THE WARRIORS by Paul Batista, a Raquel Rematti legal thriller, … Continue reading January 2022 Newsletter

  • December 2021 Newsletter

    Enjoy new mysteries and thrillers in December! Happy Holidays from the gang at Oceanview Publishing. Here are some great titles coming this month. Great reads, great listens, and GREAT GIFTS!   New in hardcover and ebook! Head Shot by Otho Eskin Perfect for fans of David Baldacci and Daniel Silva International politics and personal vendettas … Continue reading December 2021 Newsletter

  • November 2021 Newsletter

    Enjoy new mysteries and thrillers in November! November—a beautiful holiday to share with family and friends and an excellent chance to relax with a good book. And Oceanview has the books. Check out these November new releases and dive into a new story.   New in hardcover and ebook! Murder at Greysbridge by Andrea Carter … Continue reading November 2021 Newsletter

  • October 2021 Newsletter

    Enjoy new mysteries and thrillers in October! ­ ­ ­ It looks like fall is finally here and what better time to dive into some exciting reading material—and for you mystery/thriller readers, Oceanview Publishing has just what you’re looking for. ­ New in hardcover and ebook! ­ ­The OC by D.P. Lyle ­­ Perfect for … Continue reading October 2021 Newsletter

  • September 2021 Newsletter

    Enjoy new mysteries and thrillers in September! So much free time. Kids in school, garden work over, guess it’s time to read. Give me another great book from Oceanview Publishing. New in hardcover and ebook! THE NECKLACE by Matt Witten Perfect for fans of Karin Slaughter and Harlan Coben. In this heart-pounding race agains the … Continue reading September 2021 Newsletter

  • August 2021 Newsletter

    Kids return to school—leaving parents with more reading time. What should I read? Ho, Ho, Ho —the book Santa Claus is here early, to fill all that free time you now have! Let’s start by making sure you didn’t miss our last month’s release, City Problems. A rural cop with a haunted past and a … Continue reading August 2021 Newsletter

  • July 2021 Newsletter

    Oceanview July 2021 Newsletter Hot, Hot, Hot—not just the temperature, but the books from Oceanview. Recently witnessed 117 degrees in Death Valley, California. I will stick to hot books! We have some for you—so let’s take a look. June brought in Gumshoe in the Dark by Rob Leininger. Amazingly, I recently drove past Tonopah, Nevada, … Continue reading July 2021 Newsletter

  • June 2021 Newsletter

    Oceanview June 2021 Newsletter June—and summer—have arrived. It has a strange feel as we all struggle between maintaining the safety precautions that COVID has imposed on us and returning to life as it used to be. It is not an easy balance—now the streets, stores, etc., are populated by a mix of masked and maskless. … Continue reading June 2021 Newsletter

  • May 2021 Newsletter

    Oceanview May 2021 Newsletter It’s May. Spring has sprung—except in a few areas—snow, severe thunderstorms, hurricane threats. But, that is spring—not much different this year—except for masks—and a gas shortage. So, my advice is to enjoy home—and a good book. Now that is where we come in—Oceanview to the rescue. I am very pleased to … Continue reading May 2021 Newsletter

  • April 2021 Newsletter

    Oceanview April 2021 Newsletter COVID is still the major determinant of our lifestyle. We have not yet achieved herd immunity—but we are reaching herd fatigue. As we begin to relax and lessen our precautionary approach, we are beginning to see spikes in cases. We are also beginning to see evidence of some mutated strains. But … Continue reading April 2021 Newsletter

  • March 2021 Newsletter

    Oceanview March 2021 Newsletter The big news is the COVID pandemic. But the news is a little better. Vaccine distribution has accelerated and availability has broadened. There are still problems, particularly getting sufficient vaccines to remote areas and also dealing with anti-vaccine groups. But COVID or no COVID, we continue to provide you with captivating … Continue reading March 2021 Newsletter

  • February 2021 Newsletter

    Oceanview February 2021 Newsletter Hopefully, we can now put the “Trump Affair” behind us and move to overcome the COVID pandemic. With the new vaccines coming along, the future holds more promise. But these viruses are cagey and mutations will occur. So plan to continue to exercise caution and good sense with regard to masks … Continue reading February 2021 Newsletter

  • January 2021 Newsletter

    Oceanview January 2021 Newsletter The disasters in our Capitol are an embarrassment to this country and a terrible assault on the sensibilities of the huge majority of our many wonderful citizens. Actions that we have condemned in other countries have now invaded our lives. Let us hope that calmness is restored and that we will … Continue reading January 2021 Newsletter

  • December 2020 Newsletter

    Finally, politics are simmering down to an almost acceptable limit. The crazies are still taking their verbal shots and the more radical are actually threatening individuals. The better news is that the vaccines are beginning to roll out and according to our most reliable source—Dr. Tony Fauci—a significant number of people could be vaccinated by … Continue reading December 2020 Newsletter

  • November 2020 Newsletter

    While COVID and the flu come together, fatigue has started to take its toll on the attitude of the public. Now we see fewer people wearing masks, less social distancing, larger crowds, etc. It brings to mind the saying “buyer beware”—but now it’s public beware. We are most likely headed for another spike in cases. … Continue reading November 2020 Newsletter

  • October 2020 Newsletter

    Oceanview October 2020 Newsletter COVID-19 is still with us and now we’ve got to start watching for influenza to be superimposed. On top of this, we have the crazies coming out of the woodwork—the Proud Boys, the militia, etc. And then—the election. For all fiction writers, this could be a feeding frenzy—real life imitating fiction—go … Continue reading October 2020 Newsletter

  • September 2020 Newsletter

    Oceanview September 2020 Newsletter We hope that everyone takes a moment to reflect on September 11, 2001, and the heinous acts of that day nineteen years ago. Our hearts go out to all those who suffered personal losses and to the many heroes who risked life and health to do what they could. That day … Continue reading September 2020 Newsletter

  • August 2020 Newsletter

    Oceanview Publishing Oceanview August 2020 Newsletter The progress in decreasing the COVID illnesses and deaths seems to be geographically highly variable. New York, which had the greatest problem, appears to be making some progress. However, the South, particularly major vacation spots like beach areas, is not doing as well—and Arizona, for whatever reason, is doing … Continue reading August 2020 Newsletter

  • July 2020 Newsletter

    The COVID pandemic continues with no apparent letup. Please continue to follow safe practices—masks, distancing, and common sense. Reading may be the safest thing that we can do. Our hearts go out to booksellers who are unable to open their stores and to authors whose books have fewer outlets for sales and limited library access … Continue reading July 2020 Newsletter

  • June 2020 Newsletter

    Quarantine, six feet, mask, social distancing—these have become our most frequently used terms—strange times! Soon they will be overshadowed by election language—polls, rallies, conventions, voting. Hopefully there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not an approaching train. Let’s get back to words like read, books, bookstores, libraries, book clubs. The … Continue reading June 2020 Newsletter

  • Oceanview Newsletter May 2020

    Once again, I ask everyone to continue to follow safe practices regarding distancing, wearing masks, and common sense. Remember, we are still in the midst of a pandemic. Hopefully, more normal times are in sight. In the meantime, reading is certainly one of the safe activities. This is good news for writers, readers and booksellers … Continue reading Oceanview Newsletter May 2020

  • April 2020 Newsletter

    First, our most profound thanks to all those who are putting their own safety on the line to help others. We also want to urge everyone to take every precaution to stay safe—social distancing, wearing masks, and having minimal contact with others. Where possible, it is nice to step outside—fresh air, even very cold fresh … Continue reading April 2020 Newsletter

  • March 2020 Newsletter

    Like everyone else, I will start with the “elephant in the room”, or should I say, the pit viper in the world—coronavirus. The impact is enormous. Perhaps bigger than anything that we have witnessed in our lifetimes. Not only does it threaten our health, our economy, our jobs—but even our relationships. When was the last … Continue reading March 2020 Newsletter

  • February 2020 Newsletter

    What a month! The big news is that our January release, Toward the Light by Bonnar Spring, sold out. Totally. Everything we printed. The good news—that’s great. The bad news—Bonnar had to cancel some signings because we had no books to sell. Well, that’s a nice problem to have, but a problem none the less. Sorry, Bonnar. … Continue reading February 2020 Newsletter

  • January 2020 Newsletter

    It’s a new year—2020. Makes me think of vision—20/20—perfect vision, and that makes me think of reading and books and, voilà, Oceanview Publishing. And as a mystery/thriller publisher should, we are starting out with a bang!  Our January release is Toward the Light by Bonnar Spring. “Things are not as they seem” is definitely an understatement in … Continue reading January 2020 Newsletter

  • December 2019 Newsletter

    December means holidays—and holidays mean gifts—and gifts elicit wonderful thoughts of toys and books, and clothes and books, and gadgets and books, and perhaps even automobiles and books. There does seem to be a common theme—books are always a great gift—and we have many opportunities that your gift recipients will love. Everybody loves a mystery/thriller! … Continue reading December 2019 Newsletter

  • November 2019 Newsletter

    It is Thanksgiving month. Don’t forget to order the turkey—or the ham or the roast or a vegetarian substitute—I wonder if that meat alternative they sell at Burger King tastes like turkey? Whatever you have to eat—enjoy it—and don’t forget the true meaning of the day. We at Oceanview hope that you have much to … Continue reading November 2019 Newsletter

  • October 2019 Newsletter

    Leaf change time in the North. Beautiful moderate temperatures in the South. Children in school. All is right (or is that write?) with the world. To make it even better, Oceanview cofounders , Pat and Bob Gussin traveled to Ann Arbor, Michigan, where the University Of Michigan Medical Center Alumni Society honored alumnus Bob with … Continue reading October 2019 Newsletter

  • September 2019 Newsletter

    September is “back to school month” for many young people—and the month when their parents can add a bit more reading time to their schedule. So what can we give those parents to keep them satisfied, occupied, and happy? Plenty! We have lots of wonderful books and we are going to now tell you about … Continue reading September 2019 Newsletter

  • August 2019 Newsletter

    Now that we have recovered from our attendance at the annual meeting of the International Thriller Writers (ITW) last month, we have worked back into our routine—and the emphasis is on “worked back”. Catching up is a pain in the—schedule! Now to business—July was a busy month in addition to the ITW meeting. Oceanview launched Off … Continue reading August 2019 Newsletter

  • July 2019 Newsletter

    The Oceanview highlight activity of July was ThrillerFest, the annual meeting of the International Thriller Writers Association (ITW).  As usual, the conference was held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Manhattan and had about 3,000 attendees. This meeting has grown in leaps and bounds since our first attendance in 2006 (the second year of the … Continue reading July 2019 Newsletter

  • June 2019 Newsletter

    June, the first month of summer vacation for our young folks in the South and the time when our northern youth are ready to push the school doors open and rush out into freedom. Didn’t we all welcome that last day of the school term? But some of us would miss our school friends who … Continue reading June 2019 Newsletter

  • May 2019 Newsletter

    It’s only May and we already have more political candidates who have announced they will run for the presidency than new books being published by Oceanview this year! Since we won’t get into politics, we will stick to information about our books. They are all guaranteed to entertain you—in a good way. That can’t always … Continue reading May 2019 Newsletter

  • April 2019 Newsletter

    April was a very active month for Oceanview. We were in attendance at the Left Coast Crime Writers Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia. What a magnificent city—mountains, oceans, beautiful buildings, and a very well attended writers’ meeting. And the weather was outstanding! Oceanview was there to cheer for our outstanding author, Matt Coyle, a finalist … Continue reading April 2019 Newsletter

  • Announcement: H. Terrell Griffin

    It is with great sadness that I inform you of the passing of good friend and outstanding author, H. Terrell (Terry) Griffin. Terry will be greatly missed by all of us in the Oceanview family. His iconic character, Matt Royal, has endeared himself to countless readers across the United States, Europe, and the U.K. as … Continue reading Announcement: H. Terrell Griffin

  • March 2019 Newsletter

    It’s starting to get really warm here in Florida. But, no complaints! I saw that it is still about 15 degrees at night in International Falls, MN. And the residents think that spring has arrived! We probably won’t move Oceanview Publishing there—but we may reconsider in August. Wherever you are, a good book always makes … Continue reading March 2019 Newsletter

  • February 2019 Newsletter

    We at Oceanview Publishing are counting our blessings for having moved the company from the Northeast to Florida a few years ago. Here we just have to struggle through some sixty degree nights but we are saved by the eighty degree days. Sorry for gloating. We really are sympathetic towards our northern friends. Our January … Continue reading February 2019 Newsletter

  • January 2019 Newsletter

    Happy New Year to all of you from the Oceanview Staff. We hope that 2019 will bring good health, happiness and prosperity to all—and we will do our best to bring you good reading as well. We have got some great titles coming! Our December releases, Wrong Light by Matt Coyle and The Warriors by … Continue reading January 2019 Newsletter

  • December 2018 Newsletter

    Christmas is rapidly approaching as is the new year. A great time for some introspection. So why not consider all of the wonderful books that you read in 2018. How many were from Oceanview Publishing? At least a few—I hope! So let’s make a resolution to read more books in 2019—and you might add—some from … Continue reading December 2018 Newsletter

  • November 2018 Newsletter

    Twice a year, the Oceanview newsletter comes to you from Blenheim, New Zealand. That is because someone has to check on that other Oceanview business—Oceanview Vineyards. So, folks, as I sit here and look at one of our two vineyards and the mountains behind it, I am enjoying my wine as I recap Oceanview Publishing’s … Continue reading November 2018 Newsletter

  • October 2018 Newsletter

    The Oceanview staff had barely recovered from all of the activity at Bouchercon, the annual mystery writers/readers gathering that took place in St. Petersburg, Florida, this year. Then, a week later, the staff was off to Tampa for the Southern Independent Booksellers Association (SIBA) meeting, where they had intensive interactions with independent bookstore owners and … Continue reading October 2018 Newsletter

  • September 2018 Newsletter

    September will be remembered at Oceanview as the month of meetings. And we are still recovering from the excitement of ThrillerFest which was in July! First, in September we attended Bouchercon; a huge gathering of writers, publishers, and readers which this year was held in St. Petersburg, Florida, a close neighbor to Sarasota, home of … Continue reading September 2018 Newsletter

  • August 2018 Newsletter

    August has been largely a month of recovery and preparation; recovery from the excitement and activities of ThrillerFest, the International Thriller Writers annual meeting in New York City. Of course the highlight of the meeting was the presentation of the Thriller Legends Award to Oceanview founders, Pat and Bob Gussin. Now that is behind us … Continue reading August 2018 Newsletter

  • July 2018 Newsletter

    The big news this month centers around the annual International Thriller Writers (ITW) meeting, ThrillerFest, held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Manhattan. This year was very special for Oceanview Publishing with the recognition as “Thriller Legends” awarded to Oceanview cofounders, Pat and Bob Gussin. More than twenty Oceanview authors as well as many friends … Continue reading July 2018 Newsletter

  • June 2018 Newsletter

    Summer is here! For some of us, it is still too cold, for others it is already too hot. School is out! School is out! Remember those days? So let’s be happy—and anxious to read a good book; perhaps on the porch or deck, or under a tree. Wherever you plan to relax and read, … Continue reading June 2018 Newsletter

  • May 2018 Newsletter

    May will now be known as the “everything” month—rain, snow, hail, heat, cold, fog, wind—did I miss anything? Probably. We even have a volcano erupting. It has been very tough on a lot of people. Our thoughts go out to them.Oceanview is fortunate to have come through unscathed and so we have continued to work, … Continue reading May 2018 Newsletter

  • April 2018 Newsletter

    Even Punxsutawney Phil, the weather-predicting groundhog, must be scratching his head, wondering how Mother Nature could be so screwed-up. Winter-spring-summer—it’s like roulette with everyone wondering where the bouncing ball will land. No matter—a good book is a good book, regardless of the weather. So, rain or shine, warm or cold, grab an intriguing book from … Continue reading April 2018 Newsletter

  • March 2018 Newsletter

    March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. I don’t think that will be the case this year and I am sure that our northern friends will agree. Another Nor’easter? That is the word from the weather folks. Remember when they used to be wrong most of the time? No more! … Continue reading March 2018 Newsletter

  • February 2018 Newsletter

    February has brought spring! Temperatures in the 40s, 50s and 60s in the North and 70s and 80s in the South. But also a strange one-day snowstorm in the North followed immediately by spring-like weather. We now have hope for an early spring. But for now let’s just enjoy the interlude. February also brought the … Continue reading February 2018 Newsletter

  • January 2018 Newsletter

    Happy New Year everyone. Let’s hope that 2018 is a good year overall. For Oceanview Publishing, and more importantly for you our readers, 2018 should be an outstanding year—because many wonderful books are coming your way. First, some exciting news. Blood Truth, by Matt Coyle, is a nominee for the Left Coast Writers Lefty Award … Continue reading January 2018 Newsletter

  • December 2017 Newsletter

    ‘Tis the season! We at Oceanview Publishing wish all of you a very happy holiday season and a wonderful 2018. We are excited about starting the new year in our “new digs” on Main Street in Sarasota, Florida. We are only moving about five miles but we get significantly more space and a much easier … Continue reading December 2017 Newsletter

  • November 2017 Newsletter

    This month we celebrate Thanksgiving and Oceanview Publishing has many reasons to be thankful. Particularly, we have found new facilities with the additional space that we so badly need. So we will begin 2018 no longer located on Longboat Key, Florida, but on the mainland on Main Street in beautiful downtown Sarasota. More room for … Continue reading November 2017 Newsletter

  • October 2017 Newsletter

    This month Oceanview Publishing was well represented at the Frankfurt International Book Fair in Frankfurt, Germany. This is the largest venue of its kind, and is attended by about 40,000 people from all parts of the world. The meeting covers every aspect of the book world but the emphasis is on the licensing of foreign … Continue reading October 2017 Newsletter

  • September 2017 Newsletter

    We survived Irma. As many of you know, we are located on Longboat Key, Florida. Some of our fans emailed concerns about the impact of Irma on the Florida Keys and concern for our safety. Just to clarify, Longboat Key is a barrier island off the coast of Sarasota on the Gulf (western) side of … Continue reading September 2017 Newsletter

  • August 2017 Newsletter

    With the news filled with threats and counter-threats, this may be the time to find a comfortable spot and settle down with a good book – hopefully someplace cool. Oceanview has just the right book for you. Our August release, The Last Girl by Danny Lopez, launched with a highly successful, standing-room-only author presentation and … Continue reading August 2017 Newsletter

  • July 2017 Newsletter

    Hot weather, rain, crowded beaches, and roads that are overtaxed by vacationers. A beautiful month, especially for reading—in a cool place. Oceanview has the books for you. Give Up The Dead by Joe Clifford, our June release, has been greeted with the same enthusiasm as Clifford’s previous two Jay Porter books, Lamentation and December Boys. … Continue reading July 2017 Newsletter

  • June 2017 Newsletter

    It’s June. Summer is here. School is out and the kids are home. Now that there is no need to study, all those young folks can read for pleasure—and so can their parents. Oceanview is here to help. Our May book, Land of Wolves: The Return of Lincoln’s Bodyguard by TJ Turner, had a terrific … Continue reading June 2017 Newsletter

  • May 2017 Newsletter

    May is an enchanting month. The weather is generally good, the kids are still in school, flowers are blossoming—and you think about sitting down with a wonderful book—in the house, outside, wherever. We at Oceanview can make that wonderful book available to you. At your local bookstore, library, or online, you can enter that wonderful … Continue reading May 2017 Newsletter

  • July 2016 Newsletter

    It’s July and by now we must all be saturated with political speeches, advertisements, etc. Let’s look at the bright side—only four more months to go (ouch)! It is definitely time for some good fiction reading—and I do not mean campaign rhetoric. I mean Oceanview novels. July is a big month at Oceanview. Two new … Continue reading July 2016 Newsletter

  • June 2016 Newsletter

    June has been a strange month—flooding, hurricane threats, colder-than-expected weather, a wacky presidential campaign—but Oceanview Publishing continues to bring out spectacular books. Hopefully you will have read our June release, December Boys by Joe Clifford. Many of you must have purchased it already since the rankings are very high. It seems Jay Porter just can’t … Continue reading June 2016 Newsletter

  • May 2016 Newsletter

    It is still pretty cold in some parts of the north, but the trees are looking greener and some beautiful blossoms have appeared. Spring fever is upon us. We want to stop working and just sit outside for a while. Oh well, we can dream. Oceanview Publishing is rounding out our spring releases with DECEMBER … Continue reading May 2016 Newsletter

  • April 2016 Newsletter

    April may have come in like a lamb for some of us, but for others, snow appeared in our neighborhoods. Surprise! Oh well, May should be better. But regardless of the weather, now is a good time for reading. Is there ever a bad time? I don’t think so. We’ll just continue to launch fantastic books from our acclaimed veteran authors and … Continue reading April 2016 Newsletter

  • March 2016 Newsletter

    It is March Madness at Oceanview Publishing. Everything seems to be happening at once. We are participating in reading festivals, our authors are having book launch parties, and we are steeped in good news about awards. It may not be the NCAA basketball tournament—but it’s close! Accolades have poured in for our authors. Carter Wilson’s … Continue reading March 2016 Newsletter

  • February 2016 Newsletter

    February is living up to its reputation as the coldest month of the year. At least in this part of the world. The north is frigid and even the south is pretty chilly. This is reading weather at its finest. A fireplace, a cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or something stronger, and a wonderful … Continue reading February 2016 Newsletter

  • January 2016 Newsletter

    2016 started out with a loud bang for Oceanview Publishing. The “bang” was the response to our January launch of Passenger 19 by Ward Larsen. Larsen’s growing popularity is evidenced by the sizable preorders from bookstores and Amazon, and the book’s outstanding ranking on Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook. This third Jammer Davis novel … Continue reading January 2016 Newsletter

  • December 2015 Newsletter

      We at Oceanview Publishing are getting into the Christmas spirit and we hope that you are too. Remember, books make great Christmas gifts and we have got a bunch of outstanding opportunities for you. Our December release, Fatal Complications by John Benedict, is looking like a big hit with our fans of medical thrillers. And … Continue reading December 2015 Newsletter

  • November 2015 Newsletter

      It’s beginning to cool off here in Florida. That brings a very different feeling to our southern readers than to our friends up north. Delight versus trepidation! Up north, snow could be just around the corner. In Florida, the temperature could drop all the way down to sixty. But in either case the weather … Continue reading November 2015 Newsletter

  • July Newsletter oceanview publishing

      We hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day and are enjoying your summer!   Many good things are happening for authors at Oceanview. First, we signed another motion picture option—for Method 15/33, by Shannon Kirk. And that’s not all. Translational rights for the book were licensed to large publishers in Germany and Italy. … Continue reading July Newsletter

  • May 2015 Newsletter oceanview publishing

    Spring has finally arrived! To help you celebrate, we are releasing some great thrillers, and promoting some of our best-selling titles.  Available today, Method 15/33, by debut author Shannon Kirk. Shannon’s incredible talent has been recognized by starred reviews from bothPublishers Weekly and Booklist. These two coveted literary review sources reserve starred reviews for the … Continue reading May 2015 Newsletter

  • April 2015 Newsletter oceanview publishing

    March came in like a lion and, in many parts of the country, went out like a lion.  Let’s hope that April is “the lamb.” Our apologies to skiers who like the lion-like weather and would like it to last even longer. For us sedentary types, enough! Available today, we have more than a book release. We … Continue reading April 2015 Newsletter

  • One To Go – December Release One To Go

    Did you find time over the holiday season to read One to Go, our December release by Mike Pace? Some really “big name” authors have read it. Steve Berry said “…Definitely worth the price of admission…” Gayle Lynds said “…One to Go is a devilishly clever tale, one you won’t want to miss…” and John … Continue reading One To Go – December Release

  • After The Fall – New Release patricia-gussin-after-the-falll

    For January, we bring you  After the Fall by New York Times and USA Today best-selling author, Patricia Gussin. This is the fourth and last of the “Laura Nelson” novels. With a coveted “starred” review in the prestigious Pulishers Weekly magazine, this awesome finale is off to a rousing start. For the many fans of … Continue reading After The Fall – New Release