• After The Fall
    After The Fall by Patricia Gussin
    A tragic accident ends Laura Nelson’s career as a surgeon.  After accepting a position as Vice President for Research in a large pharmaceutical company, Laura works to finalize the imminent approval of the company’s groundbreaking new drug.  But Jake Harter, a malicious Food and Drug Administration employee, cannot let that ...

    Dr. Laura Nelson, chief of surgery at Tampa City Hospital (Fla.), reluctantly seeks a new ...Publishers Weekly *Starred Review*

  • Collision Collection (Collision of Evil, Collision of Lies, Collision of Centuries)
    The Collision Collection (Collision of Evil, Collision of Lies, Collision of Centuries) by John J Le Beau
    From former CIA operative John J. LeBeau The Collision Trilogy: CIA operative John Hirter and Kommissar Franz Waldbaer collaborate to defeat terrorism when it threatens the bucolic countryside of Bavaria. In Collision of Evil, vestiges of the Third Reich meet the Islamic terrorists of today head-on in the Alps; in ...

    Touches the reader on many levels-—captivating with plausibility and imagination. Collision of Evil is atmospheric ...Steve Berry, New York Times best-selling author of The Bishop's Pawn

  • Collision of Centuries
    Collision of Centuries by John J Le Beau
    German police Kommissar Waldbaer can wrap his mind around murder by sword, but could not accept the plague—Black Death. Is it possible that this hideous disease, believed to be eliminated centuries ago, is killing people today? Even the steady calm of Waldbaer’s demeanor is shaken. With the help of international ...

    Le Beau effectively combines a scientific thriller and a whodunit. Publishers Weekly

  • Come Home
    Come Home by Patricia Gussin
    Nicole Nelson and Ahmed Masud are a dynamic, highly successful Philadelphia couple. They are partners in a thriving plastic surgery practice, are very much in love, and they adore their young son, Alex. But cracks are beginning to appear in their fairy-tale life: lingering post-9/11 prejudice against Arab men, accumulating ...

    Brave, unflinching suspense—elegant, intelligent, and superb. Lee Child, New York Times best-selling author of No Middle Name and Night School

  • Downfall
    Downfall by Mark Rubinstein
    First, his doppelganger is killed—then it’s his father. Rick Shepherd is being stalked by a murderer. When Rick Shepherd, a physician, approaches his office on a busy Manhattan street, he finds police cars, an ambulance, and crime scene technicians. He soon learns a passerby was shot three times in the back, ...

    Mark Rubinstein’s Downfall is a harrowing murder-mystery wrapped in an enigma. It’s whip-smart and crackling-paced. ...James Rollins, New York Times best-selling author

  • Elective Procedures
    Elective Procedures by Merry Jones
    Elle Harrison is back! She and her pals Jen, Becky, and Susan travel to Mexico where Jen has scheduled cosmetic surgery, after which she will recover in a plush hotel suite. Soon after they arrive, Elle sees the woman in the suite next door fall from her sixth floor balcony. ...

    After a young widow witnesses a murder at a Mexican resort catering to women who seek cosmetic surgery, ...Nancy Martin, Best-Selling Author of Little Black Book of Murder: A Blackbird Sisters Mystery

  • Elle Harrison Collection
    The Elle Harrison Collection by Merry Jones
    This three-book collection delivers laugh-out-loud moments, but at its core is deadly darkness. Elle Harrison, a fourth-grade teacher, has had a life without adversity until her husband’s infidelity—and other much worse catastrophes—disrupts her world. In The Trouble with Charlie, Elle’s soon-to-be ex-husband has been stabbed to death; she wonders whether she ...

  • Fatal Complications
    Fatal Complications by John Benedict
    When a colleague’s patient suffers a bizarre reaction in the operating room, Luke Daulton, a newly minted anesthesiologist, volunteers to help. Despite the surgical team’s best efforts, the patient succumbs to a rare anesthetic complication. Luke becomes perplexed, even suspicious, over their inability to save the woman. Is it possible ...

    A deftly written masterwork in the medical thriller genre, author John Benedict’s The Edge of ...Midwest Book Review

  • Fatal Intent
    Fatal Intent by Tammy Euliano
    Perfect for fans of Kathy Reichs and Tess Gerritsen When her elderly patients start dying at home days after minor surgery, anesthesiologist Dr. Kate Downey wants to know why. The surgeon, not so much. “Old people die, that’s what they do,” is his response. When Kate presses, surgeon Charles Ricken places ...

    Medical suspense as sharp as it gets.  Euliano is off to a good, no, a ...Kathy Reichs, New York Times best-selling author of the Temperance Brennan Bones series

  • Misfire
    Misfire by Tammy Euliano
    A device that can save a life is also one that can end it Kadence, a new type of implanted defibrillator, misfires in a patient visiting University Hospital for a routine medical procedure—causing the heart rhythm problem it’s meant to correct. Dr. Kate Downey, an experienced anesthesiologist, resuscitates the patient, but ...

    A medical thriller meets domestic suspense meets serial killer terror all rolled into one page-turning ...Lisa Gardner, #1 New York Times best-selling author

  • Shadow Of Death
    Shadow Of Death by Patricia Gussin
    Pull a trigger and everything changes. Whatever is good and normal dissolves before your eyes. Medical student Laura Nelson had just finished examining her first patient – bullet wound to the head. As she leaves the hospital, an angry voice erupts with obscenities. Shaken and confused, she quickly walks the deserted two blocks to her car, keeping ...

    Shadow of Death is a surefire winner. I couldn’t put it down. The suspense is ...Michael Palmer, New York Times best-selling author of The Fifth Vial

  • Twisted Justice
    Twisted Justice by Patricia Gussin
    Laura Nelson has it all  a successful career as a surgeon, five well-adjusted kids, and a gorgeous, prominent husband Steve whose career as a nightly news anchor is skyrocketing. Laura’s seemingly perfect world shatters when she discovers that Steve is sharing much more than a news desk and a billboard with Kim, his ...

  • Weapon of Choice
    Weapon of Choice by Patricia Gussin
    Life is good for Dr. Laura Nelson. Her kids have their ups and downs, but seem well adjusted to high school and college; her research project at the university is going well; and she is highly regarded as the chief of surgery at Tampa City Hospital. This sense of tranquility ...

    Gussin has written a top-notch thriller that’s tough to put down, offering an emotional roller ...Lansing State Journal