Legal Mystery & Thriller

  • Abiding Conviction
    Abiding Conviction by Stephen M. Murphy
    Lawyer Dutch Francis faces an impossible situation—search for your missing wife or defend your high-profile client Dutch Francis is a defense attorney in the case of a judge accused of killing his wife. Just as the trial is about to begin, Ginnie Turner, Dutch’s wife and TV news broadcaster, goes missing. Under ...

    Smart, tenacious, and resourceful, Dutch is a fighter with a moral compass and a compassionate ...Sheldon Siegel, New York Times best-selling author

  • Accusation
    Accusation by Paul Batista
    USA Today Best-Selling Author An icon’s life implodes—at two in the morning World renowned, revered actor Aaron Julian is awakened at two a.m. by his agent who informs him that he has been accused of sexual harassment. Young actresses will break the story on prime-time TV that morning—with their lawyer, the attorney ...

    Paul Batista makes New York City come alive as we follow his heroine, feisty and ...Bill Bratton, former Police Commissioner of New York City and best-selling author

  • Black Diamond
    Black Diamond by John F Dobbyn
    Michael’s knowledge of horse racing could place him in the final race of his life.  Michael Knight and Lex Devlin agree to defend a jockey accused of murdering a fellow jockey during a race at Boston’s Suffolk Downs.  Michael’s expertise in the machinations of the horse racing game is expected ...

    From its characters who go straight to the heart, to its intriguing settings, to its ...Lisa Scottoline, New York Times best-selling author of Save Me

  • Borzoi Killings
    The Borzoi Killings by Paul Batista
    When the 10th richest man in the world is brutally murdered—along with his prized Borzoi dogs in a luxurious East Hampton beach house—only one man is suspected of committing the crime: Juan Suarez, a handsome, charismatic, and illegal Mexican immigrant who worked for the victim. Now, renowned trail lawyer Raquel Rematti ...

    Paul Batista has done it again. Through the eyes of criminal defense attorney Raquel Rematti, ...Lis Wiehl, New York Times best-selling author of Lethal Beauty

  • Chasing Justice: Matt Royal Mystery #9
    Chasing Justice: Matt Royal Mystery #9 by H Terrell Griffin
    Matt Royal is going back to the courtroom. He has agreed to defend his good friend and wife of Longboat Key’s police chief. Abby Lester has been charged with the murder of Nate Bannister, an unlikeable, shady character. He was found shot to death in his downtown Sarasota condo and ...

    Witty, smart, and highly entertaining. An intriguing mix of hopes and fears that combine into ...Steve Berry, New York Times best-selling author of The Patriot Threat

  • Deadly Diamonds (A Knight & Devlin Thriller #4)
    Deadly Diamonds (A Knight & Devlin Thriller #4) by John F Dobbyn
    What do Boston, Dublin and Sierra Leone have in common? The movement of “blood diamonds” at enormous profit but grave human expense. Mafia killings in Boston and Ireland, and child enslavement and murder in Sierra Leone. And who is ensnared in the middle of all of this — Michael Knight and ...

    Deadly Diamonds takes you from mob strongholds in Boston to the diamond pits of Sierra Leone, ...Lisa Scottoline, New York Times Best-Selling Author of Don’t Go and Accused

  • Death's Witness
    Death's Witness by Paul Batista
    When Tom Perini, a legendary Heisman Trophy winner turned criminal lawyer, is found brutally murdered in Central Park, his widow Julie Perini suspects a wider conspiracy.  Not only was her husband part of the defense team for a Congressman on trial for bribery, her intuition also tells her that the ...

    A spectacular new edition to the legal thriller genre. Fast, smart and exciting, with richly ...Jack Ford, anchor, Good Morning America

  • Extraordinary Rendition
    Extraordinary Rendition by Paul Batista
    When Ali Hussein, suspected terrorist and alleged banker for Al Qaeda, is finally transported from Guantanamo Bay to the US mainland to stand trial, many are stunned when Byron Carlos Johnson, a pre-eminent lawyer and son of a high-profile diplomat, volunteers to represent him. On principle, Johnson thought he was ...

    Batista does it again when international intrigue collides with murder in Extraordinary Rendition. A high-priced ...Nancy Grace, attorney, television personality and New York Times best-selling author of Death on the D-List

  • Fatal Odds
    Fatal Odds by John F Dobbyn
    Danger escalates as Michael Knight and Lex Devlin enter into the defense of a Puerto Rican jockey charged with felony murder as a result of a fixed race at Boston’s Suffolk Downs. As their investigation exposes the jockey’s role, they become embroiled in a conflict between two Puerto Rican crime gangs. ...

    John F. Dobbyn’s thriller Fatal Odds does everything right: a nail-biting plot to keep you ...James Rollins, New York Times best-selling author of The Bone Labyrinth

  • Frame Up
    Frame Up by John F Dobbyn
    After graduating from Harvard Law with his closest friend, John McKedrick, Michael Knight practices with the U.S. Attorney’s office and with a prestigious trial firm in Boston, then Michael and his mentor, the legendary trial attorney Lex Devlin, form Devlin & Knight to do criminal defense work, while John becomes ...

    FRAME UP is a twisted tale of mafia gangsters and international intrigue providing an in-depth ...The Big Thrill

  • High Stakes
    High Stakes by John F Dobbyn
    Perfect for fans of Daniel Silva and Steve Berry. An authentic Stradivarius violin turns up in Romania. A Stradivarius is rare enough, but this one is even more special. It is thought to hold the code disclosing the location of a treasure hidden in the fifteenth century. The violin is ...

    John F. Dobbyn is a master storyteller, but a quality equally important to his fiction ...Janet Hutchings, Editor-in-Chief, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine

  • Identity: Lost
    Identity: Lost by Pascal Marco
    It’s July 1975 and an overworked Chicago police force receives a call that an 85-year-old white man has been attacked by a gang of black youths on the lakefront in Burnham Park. Amid public outrage, contentious Mayor Richard J. Daley commands his police to find the killers fast and make ...

    Pascal Marco’s electrifying debut puts him firmly in the hunt to succeed John Grisham. Fresh, compelling ...Brad Thor, #1 New York Times bestselling author of THE ATHENA PROJECT.

  • Knight & Devlin Collection
    The Knight & Devlin Collection by John F Dobbyn
    These five novels in the Knight and Devlin series prove the Perry Mason spirit is alive and well. From Chinatown and the brutal Tongs in Neon Dragon to international stolen art in Frame-Up, to the warring Boston Irish mob and Italian Mafia in Black Diamond, to the diamond trade in Sierra ...

    John F. Dobbyn’s thriller Fatal Odds does everything right: a nail-biting plot to keep you ...James Rollins, New York Times best-selling author of The Bone Labyrinth

  • Murder at Greysbridge
    Murder at Greysbridge by Andrea Carter
    Perfect for fans of character driven mysteries with a powerful sense of place Being adapted for a television crime series Summer has arrived in Inishowen and solicitor Benedicta (Ben) O’Keeffe is greatly tempted by a job offer from a law firm in America. Yet before making any life-changing decisions, there is her ...

    [Murder at Greysbridge] is truly a perfect choice for fans of character-driven mysteries set in ...Suspense Magazine

  • Mystic Wind
    Mystic Wind by James Barretto
    The last remaining fragment of truth—hidden in the mire of the Mystic Creek Boston star-prosecutor-turned-corporate-attorney Jack Marino has risen fast and far from his upbringing in the Mystic housing projects. But after he’s savagely beaten in retaliation for his work as head of the District Attorney’s Urban Gang Unit, he’s fired ...

    James Barretto breaks into the publishing world with an outstanding debut. Fast-paced, carefully crafted, and ...John Lescroart, New York Times best-selling author

  • Neon Dragon
    Neon Dragon by John F Dobbyn
    Amid the flash and din of Boston’s raucous Chinese New Year’s celebration, an elderly man is shot while watching the parade from his window. Anthony Bradley, the son of an African-American judge, is standing across the street at the time and is immediately arrested for the crime.Michael Knight, a young ...

    This debut novel by law professor Dobbyn marks the first long-form appearance of legal eagles ...Booklist

  • One To Go
    One To Go by Mike Pace
    Tom Booker is a new attorney at a powerful Washington law firm.  Texting while driving across Memorial Bridge, he loses control and crashes into an oncoming minivan carrying his own daughter and three of her friends.  The minivan tips up on two wheels, about to flip over into the Potomac.  ...

    One To Go by Mike Pace spins out a fascinating premise—what if a hideous mistake ...Douglas Preston, New York Times best-selling author

  • Vindication: Matt Royal Mystery #11
    Vindication: Matt Royal Mystery #11 by H Terrell Griffin
    In this John Grisham style mystery, Matt Royal, the retired lawyer-turned-beach-bum is called back into the courtroom to defend his girlfriend J. D. Duncan’s Aunt Esther, who lives in the sprawling North Central Florida retirement community of The Villages. A best-selling author has been murdered after a book signing and ...

    A case of literary theft propels Griffin’s appealing 11th outing for semi-retired Longboat Key, Fla., ...Publishers Weekly

  • Warriors
    The Warriors by Paul Batista
    High-stakes politics and the rivalry between two powerful women in the trial of the century. Legendary defense attorney Raquel Rematti represents a presidential candidate—and former First Lady of an ISIS-assassinated President—Senator Angelina Baldesteri in the most watched and explosive trial of the 21st Century. The Senator sees it as a vendetta ...

    There are too few legal thrillers with women courtroom warriors. This page turning true to ...Alan Dershowitz, Author of Trumped Up