Espionage & Terrorism

  • Blood of Patriots and Traitors
    The Blood of Patriots and Traitors by James A Scott
    A Russian Defector—A Worldwide Dragnet—A Looming Assassination—Max Geller is back in Moscow Former CIA Russia expert Max Geller is recovering from an intense mission while lying low in Australia, enjoying his sudden wealth in the company of his new girlfriend. But his beachy bliss is short-lived when Max, while relaxing by ...

    Plots within plans with plenty of treachery and betrayal—and, even better, it’s all done with ...Steve Berry, New York Times best-selling author

  • Borzoi Killings
    The Borzoi Killings by Paul Batista
    When the 10th richest man in the world is brutally murdered—along with his prized Borzoi dogs in a luxurious East Hampton beach house—only one man is suspected of committing the crime: Juan Suarez, a handsome, charismatic, and illegal Mexican immigrant who worked for the victim. Now, renowned trail lawyer Raquel Rematti ...

    Paul Batista has done it again. Through the eyes of criminal defense attorney Raquel Rematti, ...Lis Wiehl, New York Times best-selling author of Lethal Beauty

  • Broken Genius
    Broken Genius by Drew Murray
    Perfect for fans of Harlan Coben’s Missing You and James Patterson’s Invisible In 2011, Will Parker, the young prodigy CEO of a big tech company makes a coding mistake that costs a college student her life. To assuage his guilt, Will pursues a career in the FBI Cyber Division. Now, Special Agent ...

    Will Parker, a genius with considerable baggage and even more wealth, works for the FBI. ...Charlaine Harris, New York Times best-selling author

  • Bucharest Legacy
    The Bucharest Legacy by William Maz
    CIA agent Bill Hefflin is back in Bucharest—immersed in a cauldron of spies and crooked politicians The CIA is rocked to its core when a KGB defector divulges that there is a KGB mole inside the Agency. They learn that the mole’s handler is a KGB agent known as Boris. CIA ...

    [The Bucharest Dossier is] an accomplished debut—a love story inside an espionage thriller inside a ...Lee Child, New York Times best-selling author

  • Burning Distance
    Burning Distance by Joanne Leedom-Ackerman
    A modern-day Romeo and Juliet—set against the backdrop of deadly weapons smuggling. When ten-year-old Elizabeth West’s father dies in a tragic plane crash over the Persian Gulf, her family uproots their life in Washington, D.C., and moves to London. Her mother marries a knighted British businessman who has two children, ...

    Running the gamut of emotions from fear to love, this plot surges along as unpredictable ...Steve Berry, New York Times best-selling author of The Omega Factor

  • Collision Collection (Collision of Evil, Collision of Lies, Collision of Centuries)
    The Collision Collection (Collision of Evil, Collision of Lies, Collision of Centuries) by John J Le Beau
    From former CIA operative John J. LeBeau The Collision Trilogy: CIA operative John Hirter and Kommissar Franz Waldbaer collaborate to defeat terrorism when it threatens the bucolic countryside of Bavaria. In Collision of Evil, vestiges of the Third Reich meet the Islamic terrorists of today head-on in the Alps; in ...

    Touches the reader on many levels-—captivating with plausibility and imagination. Collision of Evil is atmospheric ...Steve Berry, New York Times best-selling author of The Bishop's Pawn

  • Collision of Centuries
    Collision of Centuries by John J Le Beau
    German police Kommissar Waldbaer can wrap his mind around murder by sword, but could not accept the plague—Black Death. Is it possible that this hideous disease, believed to be eliminated centuries ago, is killing people today? Even the steady calm of Waldbaer’s demeanor is shaken. With the help of international ...

    Le Beau effectively combines a scientific thriller and a whodunit. Publishers Weekly

  • Collision of Evil
    Collision of Evil by John J Le Beau
    As evening falls against the majestic backdrop of the Bavarian Alps, Charles Hirter, an American tourist, is savagely murdered. Shattering the peace, quiet, and pastoral splendor of this magnificent setting, Charles Hirter draws his last breath. Was Charles simply in the wrong place at the wrong time? Kommissar Franz Waldbaer, ...

    Engrossing and suspenseful. A definite thumbs-up for fans of thrillers with historical and political overtones. Booklist

  • Collision of Lies
    Collision of Lies by John J Le Beau
    A vicious murder at sea begins a series of deadly events stretching from Europe to the Middle East and Africa.  International conspirators plot to send a s shipment of goods to an undisclosed destination, and they will stop at nothing to achieve their ends.  A concealed world of deceit and ...

    With plenty of twists and turns, Collision of Lies proves a riveting and choice addition ...Midwest Book Review

  • Consultant
    The Consultant by Tj O'Connor
    When a rogue CIA consultant goes AWOL from his Middle Eastern post in response to his brother’s plea for help, he arrives just in time to witness his brother’s murder. For years, Jonathan Hunter and his brother Kevin Mallory had not spoken—until Kevin’s final words, “… Khalifah … Not Them ...

    Tj O’Connor is that rare thriller writer with both talent and street time in the ...James Grady, New York Times best-selling author of Last Days of the Condor

  • Deadly Echoes (Donovan Nash Novel #4)
    Deadly Echoes (Donovan Nash Novel #4) by Philip Donlay
    Donovan Nash is a man under siege, and this time it’s personal. Eco-Watch, the premier scientific research organization he founded, is being blamed for a series of violent eco-atrocities that ignite protests around the world. Behind the attacks is Garrick Pearce, a man from Donovan’s past, who is bent on ...

    A heart-thumping ride that steams along, bringing our flawed world in pristine focus. Lots of ...Steve Berry, New York Times best-selling author of The King’s Deception

  • Death in Shangri-La (Book 1 in the Dotan Naor Series)
    Death in Shangri-La (Book 1 in the Dotan Naor Series) by Yigal Zur
    Ex­­–Israeli operative turned private investigator, Dotan Naor—to settle a bet—agrees to locate the missing son of former acquaintance, now ruthless Israeli arms merchant, Willy Mizrachi. Willy, who does not hesitate to sell killing machines to the most heinous players in the world, is desperate to find his only son, Itiel, ...

    Dotan Naor is a character Steve McQueen would have fought to play: tough but insightful, ...Joseph Finder, New York Times bestselling author of The Switch

  • Extraordinary Rendition
    Extraordinary Rendition by Paul Batista
    When Ali Hussein, suspected terrorist and alleged banker for Al Qaeda, is finally transported from Guantanamo Bay to the US mainland to stand trial, many are stunned when Byron Carlos Johnson, a pre-eminent lawyer and son of a high-profile diplomat, volunteers to represent him. On principle, Johnson thought he was ...

    Batista does it again when international intrigue collides with murder in Extraordinary Rendition. A high-priced ...Nancy Grace, attorney, television personality and New York Times best-selling author of Death on the D-List

  • Fallen
    The Fallen by Mark Terry
    Twenty world leaders meet for the G8 Summit at the beautiful Cheyenne Resort in Colorado Springs. But an ugly plot lurks beneath the surface: a terrorist group, The Fallen Angels, plans to wreak havoc on the Summit.With the Secret Service, the FBI, Homeland Security, the military, and security from twenty ...

    Tougher than Jason Bourne and smarter than Jack Ryan, Derek Stillwater is a hero for ...Paul Levine, author of Soloman Vs. Lord

  • Fly By Night
    Fly By Night by Ward Larsen
    A top secret drone crashes in the lawless Horn of Africa. The CIA is prepared to write off the loss until evidence surfaces that the wreckage of their prized aircraft is hidden in a hangar outside Khartoum’s main airport. The hangar is owned by a shady cargo airline that flies ...

    Larsen is fast becoming a thriller writer to watch. He clearly knows his subject matter and ...Booklist

  • Fly By Wire
    Fly By Wire by Ward Larsen
    USA Today best-selling author Winner of the Benjamin Franklin Award Silver Medal The C-500 with its revolutionary fly-by-wire technology, had become the freight airframe of choice—until a routine delivery goes horribly wrong Falling like a stone from six miles up, a brand-new C-500 crashes in central France, killing two pilots aboard. With over one ...

    Ward Larsen is an airline captain who also flew combat missions and worked on aircraft ...David Morrell, New York Times bestselling author of THE SHIMMER

  • Head Shot
    Head Shot by Otho Eskin
    The Most Elusive Assassin in the World Versus D.C. Homicide Detective Marko Zorn Washington, D.C. homicide detective Marko Zorn is investigating the murder of an actress—an old love—when he is assigned to protect the visiting prime minister of Montenegro, the beautiful Nina Voychek. Political enemies are planning her assassination—this, he knows—but now ...

    Nail-biting—it’s Robert B. Parker meets David Baldacci . . . Head Shot is instantly cinematic—and ...Hank Phillippi Ryan, USA Today best-selling author

  • Into a Dark Frontier
    Into a Dark Frontier by John Mangan
    In the near future, Africa collapses into an enormous failed state, leaving the continent lawless and severely depopulated. For most, the breakdown brings horror, but for others—the outcast, the desperate, the criminals, and the insane—it allows unparalleled opportunity: a new frontier of danger and unlimited possibility. In America, ex-Navy SEAL Slade ...

    John Mangan’s Into a Dark Frontier is cut from same cloth as the best of ...James Rollins, New York Times best-selling author of The Seventh Plague

  • Lost Concerto
    The Lost Concerto by Helaine Mario
    A woman and her young son flee to a convent on a remote island off the Breton coast of France. Generations of seafarers have named the place de la Brume, or Fog Island. In a chapel high on a cliff, a tragic death occurs and a terrified child vanishes into ...

    Skeletons bang on closet doors, longing to be set free—and free they are in this ...Steve Berry, New York Times best-selling author of The Patriot Threat

  • Manhattan Lockdown
    Manhattan Lockdown by Paul Batista
    A birthday party on a beautiful summer Sunday afternoon on the roof garden of the Metropolitan Museum of Art; the guest of honor, Roland Fortune, mayor of New York City. Suddenly, multiple explosions rock the entire building. This is not an accident, not a gas leak, but a heinous act of ...

    Batista knows his way around Manhattan and it shows in this battle of wills, where ...Steve Berry, New York Times best-selling author of The Patriot Threat

  • On Edge
    On Edge by Albert Ashforth
    When a former Army buddy is murdered by an Afghan military colleague, U.S. Army Special Investigator Alex Klear is called back into action in Afghanistan to investigate what is thought to be a classic “green-on-blue” killing. Alex finds Kabul in a state of chaos, partly under government control, partly controlled ...

    “If John le Carré and Jack Higgins collaborated on a novel, it would read like ...John Lutz, Edgar and Shamus Award-winning author of Slaughter

  • Passenger 19
    Passenger 19 by Ward Larsen
    Jammer Davis has spent most of his life investigating aircraft accidents. When a small regional jet disappears over the jungles of Colombia, it is a tragedy like dozens of others he has seen…but for one terrible detail—his young daughter, who was en route to a semester abroad in South America, ...

    I love thriller authors who live what they write about. Ward Larsen is an airline ...David Morrell, New York Times bestselling author of Inspector of the Dead

  • Pegasus Down (Donovan Nash Novel #6)
    Pegasus Down (Donovan Nash Novel #6) by Philip Donlay
    A CIA-operated jet on a clandestine mission disappears in Eastern Europe.  No mayday, no wreckage, and no known survivors.  No way to know if the top-secret extraction of a key American scientist from Slovakia, or his liberator, Dr. Lauren McKenna, code name Pegasus, are dead or alive. Donovan Nash’s precarious world ...

    Authors like Philip Donlay, who write the pure thrillers, have capabilities and strength I can ...William Kent Krueger, Edgar Award-winning and New York Times best-selling author of Windigo Island

  • Perfect Assassin
    The Perfect Assassin by Ward Larsen
    The Atlantic: A young woman sailing solo across the Atlantic makes an incredible discovery  a man narrowly clinging to life in the open ocean. But the desperate survivor is more than he appears. He is a Kidon  an Israeli assassin who forcibly commandeers her boat with a new destination in ...

    A thriller that slowly weaves the threads of various events together to create a tapestry ...ForeWord Magazine

  • President's Dossier
    The President's Dossier by James A Scott
    Perfect for fans of Daniel Silva and Nelson DeMille Fired for bias against the U.S. president, ex-CIA Russia expert Max Geller gets a chance to redeem his reputation and make a fortune when he is hired to investigate the president’s incriminating ties to Moscow. Jill Rucker, an undercover CIA agent, is ...

    Brimming with history, reality, intensity, and passion, James Scott draws the reader deep into his ...Steve Berry, New York Times best-selling author

  • Reflecting Pool
    The Reflecting Pool by Otho Eskin
    Marko Zorn, a Washington D.C. homicide detective with expensive tastes in art, classic cars, and women, must take on extra work—not always strictly legal, often unorthodox and usually dangerous—to supplement his income—work which requires his special combination of skill and steel nerves. Although he’s adept at navigating the corridors of ...

    Rough and ragged as the world it so vividly creates, The Reflecting Pool crackles with twists and ...Steve Berry, New York Times best-selling author

  • Rendition
    The Rendition by Albert Ashforth
    The brutal secret war to win Kosovo’s freedom from Serbia is in full swing when The Rendition takes readers behind the headlines for an inside look at the United States’ involvement.  Alex Klear, a veteran intelligence officer, is sent to the Balkans on a hastily planned rendition which goes terribly ...

    Rich with insider detail, The Rendition by Albert Ashforth is not only exciting and suspenseful, it’s intelligent — ...Gayle Lynds, New York Times best-selling author of The Book of Spies

  • Retribution
    Retribution by Robert McCaw
    As people around him come under attack, Chief Detective Koa Kane wonders if he might be the real target In the back alley of a bar on Hawaii Island, a young man is found stabbed to death. When Hilo Chief Detective Koa Kane begins investigating the crime, the murder weapon is ...

    McCaw ably blends police procedural, espionage thriller, and guilt-ridden personal saga. Readers will look forward ...Publishers Weekly

  • Seconds to Midnight (Donovan Nash Novel #7)
    Seconds to Midnight (Donovan Nash Novel #7) by Philip Donlay
    One of Suspense Magazine’s Best of 2017 While on a routine Eco-Watch flight above northern Canada to study one of the most powerful solar flares in history, Donovan Nash and Michael Ross narrowly miss colliding with another aircraft—a Boeing 737 that’s not supposed to be there.  With the mysterious 737 trailing ...

    A fast, splashy adventure with tons of gadgets, fake IDs, and last-minute, life-saving bolts through ...Booklist

  • Stealing Trinity
    Stealing Trinity by Ward Larsen
    When the balance of world power is at stake, the fight for control could be explosive. In the last days of WWII, the Third Reich makes a desperate grab to retrieve its most valuable asset, Die Wespe, a spy buried deep in the Manhattan Project. The man chosen for this ...

    Once in a while a great book comes along and the reader knows with the ...Crime & Suspense Magazine

  • Third Coincidence
    The Third Coincidence by David Bishop
    Two United States Supreme Court Justices and one Federal Reserve Board Governor Murdered Within Two Weeks.  Action Needed. Where is the FBI?”  Headlines scream across the nation as a country in near panic pleads for the capture of the killers. With little progress, U.S. President Samuel Schroeder asks Jack McCall, ...

    This is an exciting action-packed thriller that grips readers with the opening assassinations and never ...The Midwest Book Review

  • Toward the Light
    Toward the Light by Bonnar Spring
    Perfect for readers who appreciate a novel female protagonist, an “everywoman” confronted with an overwhelming moral dilemma and crushing physical danger Luz Concepcion returns to Guatemala to murder Martin Benavides, the man who destroyed her family. Benavides, who rose from insurgent fighter to president, controls a major drug network. Richard Clement became ...

    “Things are not as they seem” may be an overused phrase, but in Toward the ...Patricia Gussin, New York Times best-selling author of Come Home

  • Valley of Shadows
    The Valley of Shadows by Mark Terry
    When intelligence sources cite possible Al-Qaeda attacks on Election Day, it’s up to Derek Stillwater to stop the mastermind behind these deadly attacks from pulling the trigger. } A raid on a Pakistan Al-Qaeda cell recovers two laptops. When the computers’ booby-traps are defused and the computers decrypted and translated, they indicate ...

    The latest Derek Stillwater novel is a first- rate thriller, well-crafted and relentless, that launches ...Douglas Preston, author of Impact and Blasphemy

  • Weapon of Choice
    Weapon of Choice by Patricia Gussin
    Life is good for Dr. Laura Nelson. Her kids have their ups and downs, but seem well adjusted to high school and college; her research project at the university is going well; and she is highly regarded as the chief of surgery at Tampa City Hospital. This sense of tranquility ...

    Gussin has written a top-notch thriller that’s tough to put down, offering an emotional roller ...Lansing State Journal

  • Zero Separation (Donovan Nash Novel #3)
    Zero Separation (Donovan Nash Novel #3) by Philip Donlay
    A gripping tale of terrorism, brutality, and personal conflict… Bio-terrorism, a stolen jet, prisoners…. One miscalculation could put America and the Middle East on the verge of World War III Donovan Nash has a secret he’ll do anything to keep.   But he’s the prime suspect after someone steals a fifty million dollar executive ...

    “Philip Donlay’s new thriller, Zero Separation, is a timely and terrifying roller-coaster ride depicting the ...Sheldon Siegel, New York Times best-selling author of Perfect Alibi