Award Winners

  • After The Fall
    After The Fall by Patricia Gussin
    A tragic accident ends Laura Nelson’s career as a surgeon.  After accepting a position as Vice President for Research in a large pharmaceutical company, Laura works to finalize the imminent approval of the company’s groundbreaking new drug.  But Jake Harter, a malicious Food and Drug Administration employee, cannot let that ...

    Dr. Laura Nelson, chief of surgery at Tampa City Hospital (Fla.), reluctantly seeks a new ...Publishers Weekly *Starred Review*

  • And Then There Was One
    And Then There Was One by Patricia Gussin
    One is the loneliest number. Nine years ago, Katie and Scott Monroe were blessed beyond their wildest dreams with identical triplets, Sammie, Alex, and Jackie. Three beautiful daughters and two adoring parents formed the picture-perfect party of five. But this tight-knit family unravels when the three little girls go to see a ...

    Mesmerizing! And Then There Was One reaches deep into the heart of any parent’s nightmare, ...Lisa Gardner, New York Times bestselling author of The Neighbor

  • Angel in the Fog
    Angel in the Fog by TJ Turner
    Molly Ferguson’s comfortable life unravels when her Louisiana home is burned to the ground, her family murdered, and she is enslaved in a Baltimore brothel. Amidst the threat of the Civil War, Molly learns of secessionist plans to assassinate President-elect Abraham Lincoln as he makes his way to Washington for ...

    In TJ Turner’s Angel in the Fog, we’re in for a heart-stopping, page-turning, and thrilling ...Jess Montgomery, author of The Widows

  • Below the Fold
    Below the Fold by R.G. Belsky
    Every human life is supposed to be important. Everyone should matter. But that’s not the case in the cutthroat TV news-rating world where Clare Carlson works. Sex, money, and power sell. Only murder victims of the right social strata are considered worth covering. Not the murder of a “nobody.” So, when ...

    Below the Fold takes readers on a whiplash ride through a New York murder case. ...Meg Gardiner, author of Into the Black Nowhere

  • Black Stiletto: Secrets & Lies
    The Black Stiletto: Secrets & Lies by Raymond Benson
    It is 1961 in the fourth book of the “Black Stiletto” series. Judy, the Stiletto, meets Leo, a charismatic man who convinces her to move to Los Angeles when she is “run out” of New York by increasingly hazardous police heat. But soon Judy suspects that Leo is not the ...

    The appeal in this series-opener lies in the transformation of Judy Cooper into ‘an international ...Booklist (Starred Review)

  • Black Stiletto: Stars & Stripes
    The Black Stiletto: Stars & Stripes by Raymond Benson
    It’s 1960.  The Black Stiletto, in her civilian persona as Judy Cooper, volunteers to work for John F. Kennedy’s presidential campaign, only to become involved in a devious behind-the-scenes plot that could change the course of history.  Is the mysterious Eastern European man she briefly dated associated with a Cuban/Soviet ...

    Irresistible: Suppose you found out—just too late—that your mother had been a superhero crime fighter. ...Lee Child, New York Times best-selling author of The Reacher Series

  • Blood Island: Matt Royal Mystery #3
    Blood Island: Matt Royal Mystery #3 by H Terrell Griffin
    What’s happening on this island will make your blood run cold. Matt Royal never has to look far for excitement. Excitement and sometimes trouble has a way of finding him first. But for this fun-loving lawyer turned beach bum, things are about to get serious. Dead serious. When his ex-wife ...

    Terry Griffin has done it again. Griffin’s third book promises to be another bookshelf staple. The Longboat Observer

  • Boy Who Said No
    The Boy Who Said No by Patti Sheehy
    As a boy Frank Mederos’s grandfather teaches him to fish, to navigate the seas, and to think for himself, much needed skills under the new Castro regime.  When Frank is drafted into the army, he is soon promoted to the Special Forces, where he is privy to top military secrets.  ...

    In The Boy Who Said No Frank Mederos exhibits uncommon courage in making his way to freedom.  ...M Ann Jacoby, author of Life After Genius

  • Broken Genius
    Broken Genius by Drew Murray
    Perfect for fans of Harlan Coben’s Missing You and James Patterson’s Invisible In 2011, Will Parker, the young prodigy CEO of a big tech company makes a coding mistake that costs a college student her life. To assuage his guilt, Will pursues a career in the FBI Cyber Division. Now, Special Agent ...

    Will Parker, a genius with considerable baggage and even more wealth, works for the FBI. ...Charlaine Harris, New York Times best-selling author

  • Bucharest Dossier
    The Bucharest Dossier by William Maz
    Bill Hefflin is a man apart—apart from life, apart from his homeland, apart from love At the start of the 1989 uprising in Romania, CIA analyst Bill Hefflin—a disillusioned Romanian expat—arrives in Bucharest at the insistence of his KGB asset, code-named Boris. As Hefflin becomes embroiled in an uprising that ...

    [The Bucharest Dossier is] an accomplished debut—a love story inside an espionage thriller inside a ...Lee Child, New York Times best-selling author

  • Child's Play (Elle Harrison Novel #3)
    Child's Play (Elle Harrison Novel #3) by Merry Jones
    Since her husband’s murder two years earlier, life hasn’t been easy for Elle Harrison. Now, at the start of a new school year, the second grade teacher is determined to move on. She’s selling her house and delving into new experiences—like learning trapeze. Just before the first day of school, Elle ...

    Surprising, dark, and even disturbing. A fragile and vulnerable young teacher faces a terrifying first day of school–and that ...Hank Phillippi Ryan, Agatha, Anthony, and Mary Higgins Clark Award-winning author of Say No More

  • Come Home
    Come Home by Patricia Gussin
    Nicole Nelson and Ahmed Masud are a dynamic, highly successful Philadelphia couple. They are partners in a thriving plastic surgery practice, are very much in love, and they adore their young son, Alex. But cracks are beginning to appear in their fairy-tale life: lingering post-9/11 prejudice against Arab men, accumulating ...

    Brave, unflinching suspense—elegant, intelligent, and superb. Lee Child, New York Times best-selling author of No Middle Name and Night School

  • Comfort of Black
    The Comfort of Black by Carter Wilson
    Though they seem to have everything, Hannah Parks has watched her husband, Dallin, become increasingly distant. Her hope is buoyed when the couple decides to start a family, but what Dallin reveals in his sleep one night rocks Hannah to her core. As she starts to investigate a much darker ...

    From the very first shocking, irreverent, and chilling line, you know The Comfort of Black ...M. J. Rose, New York Times best-selling author of The Witch of Painted Sorrows

  • Conspiracy of Silence
    Conspiracy of Silence by Martha Powers
    On a sunny day in July, Clare Prentice arrives in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. Although she is on assignment to interview the town’s notoriously reclusive novelist Nate Hanssen, Clare is really in search of a different story “herstory.Just months before, Clare was a bride-to-be, living in Chicago, and looking to the ...

    When Clare Prentice, a Chicago journalist, discovers she’s adopted in this cozy romantic thriller from ...Publishers Weekly

  • Consultant
    The Consultant by Tj O'Connor
    When a rogue CIA consultant goes AWOL from his Middle Eastern post in response to his brother’s plea for help, he arrives just in time to witness his brother’s murder. For years, Jonathan Hunter and his brother Kevin Mallory had not spoken—until Kevin’s final words, “… Khalifah … Not Them ...

    Tj O’Connor is that rare thriller writer with both talent and street time in the ...James Grady, New York Times best-selling author of Last Days of the Condor

  • Dark Rhapsody:  Maggie O'Shea Mysteries #2
    Dark Rhapsody: Maggie O'Shea Mysteries #2 by Helaine Mario
    In 1945, an Austrian girl discovers a priceless Nazi treasure near a remote alpine lake and sets in motion a decades-old secret that will change lives for generations to come. Many years later, classical pianist Maggie O’Shea is preparing her return to the world of music. Instead, a nightmare of a ...

    From Manhattan and Washington to Vienna and Salzburg, Dark Rhapsody by Helaine Mario takes the ...Gayle Lynds, New York Times best-selling author of The Assassins

  • Deal
    The Deal by Adam Gittlin
    Everything about Jonah Gray screams success movie-star good looks, expensive clothes, a Park Avenue penthouse, and a seven-figure income. A cutthroat, rainmaking New York city commercial real estate broker, Jonah craves opulence and power. He beds models, romps the globe on the weekends and sees the world as his for ...

    A sharply written tale…definitely worth a read. Booklist

  • Deal Master
    Deal Master by Adam Gittlin
    Power Broker Jonah Gray is home. But does that mean Amsterdam, or New York City? Will he be Ivan Janse or Jonah Gray? One thing is certain—Jonah, as always, is steeled to get where he needs to go. This time around, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Someone from Jonah’s past is back ...

    Fame, fortune, loss, and redemption, it’s an age-old story told here in an innovative way.  ...Steve Berry, #1 New York Times & International Best-selling author of The Patriot Threat

  • Death's Witness
    Death's Witness by Paul Batista
    When Tom Perini, a legendary Heisman Trophy winner turned criminal lawyer, is found brutally murdered in Central Park, his widow Julie Perini suspects a wider conspiracy.  Not only was her husband part of the defense team for a Congressman on trial for bribery, her intuition also tells her that the ...

    A spectacular new edition to the legal thriller genre. Fast, smart and exciting, with richly ...Jack Ford, anchor, Good Morning America

  • Fallen
    The Fallen by Mark Terry
    Twenty world leaders meet for the G8 Summit at the beautiful Cheyenne Resort in Colorado Springs. But an ugly plot lurks beneath the surface: a terrorist group, The Fallen Angels, plans to wreak havoc on the Summit.With the Secret Service, the FBI, Homeland Security, the military, and security from twenty ...

    Tougher than Jason Bourne and smarter than Jack Ryan, Derek Stillwater is a hero for ...Paul Levine, author of Soloman Vs. Lord

  • Fatal Decree: Matt Royal Mystery #7
    Fatal Decree: Matt Royal Mystery #7 by H Terrell Griffin
    When a serial killer shows up on Longboat Key, Florida after a twelve year absence, Matt Royal is stymied. The first woman killed on Longboat Key has ties to a secretive government agency for which Matt’s best friend Jock Algren works. Was this a coincidence or was she a targeted ...

    Truly an action lover’s delight, this terrific sixth series entry radiates energy as intense as ...Library Journal

  • Fly By Night
    Fly By Night by Ward Larsen
    A top secret drone crashes in the lawless Horn of Africa. The CIA is prepared to write off the loss until evidence surfaces that the wreckage of their prized aircraft is hidden in a hangar outside Khartoum’s main airport. The hangar is owned by a shady cargo airline that flies ...

    Larsen is fast becoming a thriller writer to watch. He clearly knows his subject matter and ...Booklist

  • Fly By Wire
    Fly By Wire by Ward Larsen
    USA Today best-selling author Winner of the Benjamin Franklin Award Silver Medal The C-500 with its revolutionary fly-by-wire technology, had become the freight airframe of choice—until a routine delivery goes horribly wrong Falling like a stone from six miles up, a brand-new C-500 crashes in central France, killing two pilots aboard. With over one ...

    Ward Larsen is an airline captain who also flew combat missions and worked on aircraft ...David Morrell, New York Times bestselling author of THE SHIMMER

  • Frame Up
    Frame Up by John F Dobbyn
    After graduating from Harvard Law with his closest friend, John McKedrick, Michael Knight practices with the U.S. Attorney’s office and with a prestigious trial firm in Boston, then Michael and his mentor, the legendary trial attorney Lex Devlin, form Devlin & Knight to do criminal defense work, while John becomes ...

    FRAME UP is a twisted tale of mafia gangsters and international intrigue providing an in-depth ...The Big Thrill

  • Guilt We Carry
    The Guilt We Carry by Samuel W. Gailey
    A frantic race against the clock, against death, against inner demons. Since the tragic accident that brutally ended her childhood, Alice O’Farrell has been haunted by her past. Unable to bear the guilt of negligence that led to the death of her younger brother, fifteen-year-old Alice runs away from home. She ...

    An extraordinary thriller, The Guilt We Carry is driven by a plot that is both ...Bruce Holbert, author of Lonesome Animals, The Hour of Lead, and Whiskey

  • Gumshoe (Mortimer Angel Novel #1)
    Gumshoe (Mortimer Angel Novel #1) by Rob Leininger
    For nine long days, the mayor and district attorney of Reno, Nevada, have been missing. Vanished without a trace. Their vehicles were found parked side-by-side at Reno-Tahoe International Airport. Did they fly somewhere together? They aren’t on any flight manifest. Did the two of them take off with a big ...

    Gumshoe is by a large margin the best and most entertaining mystery I’ve read in ...John Lescroart, author of The Keeper and The 13th Juror

  • In Their Blood
    In Their Blood by Sharon Potts
    A quiet neighborhood in Miami Beach. A shotgun blast. Nothing will ever seem ordinary again. When his parents are brutally murdered in their own home, Jeremy Stroeb, a disillusioned college student, is determined to learn the truth. Unaware that he’s putting his own life in jeopardy and his sister at risk, he tries ...

    In Their Blood starts with a bang and never lets up. This is thriller writing ...Michael Connelly, New York Times best-selling author of The Reversal

  • Land of Wolves: The Return of Lincoln's Bodyguard
    Land of Wolves: The Return of Lincoln's Bodyguard by TJ Turner
    Land of Wolves finds Joseph Foster with Molly as they settle into a new-found life in the hills of Tennessee. But Abraham Lincoln’s former bodyguard, the man who saved the President’s life, cannot escape the Consortium as they come roaring back, killing his mother, abducting his daughter—all to coerce his ...

    A wonderfully imagined world of ‘what might have been, if only if.’  The chemistry between ...Steve Berry, New York Times best-selling author of The 14th Colony

  • Leonardo Gulag
    The Leonardo Gulag by Kevin Doherty
    A journey into the sinister heart of Stalin’s regime of terror, where paranoia reigns and no one is safe Stalin’s Russia, 1950. Brilliant young artist Pasha Kalmenov is arrested and sent without trial to a forced-labor camp in the Arctic gulag. This is a camp like no other. Although conditions are ...

    [The Leonardo Gulag is] an extraordinary novel with a fresh and unique premise — one ...Steve Berry, New York Times best-selling author

  • Lincoln's Bodyguard
    Lincoln's Bodyguard by TJ Turner
    In Lincoln’s Bodyguard, an alternative version of American history, President Lincoln is saved from assassination. Though he prophesied his own death—the only way he believed the South would truly surrender—Lincoln never accounted for the heroics of his bodyguard, Joseph Foster. The biracial son of a white man and Miami Indian ...

    Riveting with action and period detail, Lincoln’s Bodyguard by T.J. Turner captured me on the ...Gayle Lynds, New York Times bestselling author of The Assassins

  • Lost Concerto
    The Lost Concerto by Helaine Mario
    A woman and her young son flee to a convent on a remote island off the Breton coast of France. Generations of seafarers have named the place de la Brume, or Fog Island. In a chapel high on a cliff, a tragic death occurs and a terrified child vanishes into ...

    Skeletons bang on closet doors, longing to be set free—and free they are in this ...Steve Berry, New York Times best-selling author of The Patriot Threat

  • Lost Tomorrows (Rick Cahill Novel #6)
    Lost Tomorrows (Rick Cahill Novel #6) by Matt Coyle
    A phone call thrusts Rick Cahill’s past and all its tragic consequences into his present. Krista Landingham, his former partner on the Santa Barbara Police Department, is dead. When Rick goes to the funeral in the city where his wife was murdered and where he is seen as guilty for ...

    Sharp, suspenseful, and poignant, Lost Tomorrows hits like a breaking wave and pulls readers into ...Meg Gardiner, Edgar Award-winning author

  • Method 15/33
    Method 15/33 by Shannon Kirk
    Imagine a helpless, pregnant 16-year-old who’s just been yanked from the serenity of her home and shoved into a dirty van. Kidnapped…Alone…Terrified.Now forget her… Picture instead a pregnant, 16-year-old, manipulative prodigy. She is shoved into a dirty van and, from the first moment of her kidnapping, feels a calm desire for ...

    Method 15/33 is crowded with fascinating characters — even the spear carriers pop off the page ...F. Paul Wilson, New York Times best-selling author of Santa Jack

  • Off the Grid
    Off the Grid by Robert McCaw
    A scrap of cloth fluttering in the wind leads Hilo police Chief Detective Koa Kāne to the tortured remains of an unfortunate soul, left to burn in the path of an advancing lava flow. For Koa, it’s the second gruesome homicide of ...

    This one sizzles with tension and twists that entertain and magnetize. Danger and drama abide, ...Steve Berry, New York Times best-selling author

  • Perfect Assassin
    The Perfect Assassin by Ward Larsen
    The Atlantic: A young woman sailing solo across the Atlantic makes an incredible discovery  a man narrowly clinging to life in the open ocean. But the desperate survivor is more than he appears. He is a Kidon  an Israeli assassin who forcibly commandeers her boat with a new destination in ...

    A thriller that slowly weaves the threads of various events together to create a tapestry ...ForeWord Magazine

  • President's Dossier
    The President's Dossier by James A Scott
    Perfect for fans of Daniel Silva and Nelson DeMille Fired for bias against the U.S. president, ex-CIA Russia expert Max Geller gets a chance to redeem his reputation and make a fortune when he is hired to investigate the president’s incriminating ties to Moscow. Jill Rucker, an undercover CIA agent, is ...

    Brimming with history, reality, intensity, and passion, James Scott draws the reader deep into his ...Steve Berry, New York Times best-selling author

  • Reel Stuff
    Reel Stuff by Don Bruns
    Is it suicide or murder when Academy Award winning actor Jason Londell leaps to his death during the filming of a TV show in Miami? Londell’s actress girlfriend hires private investigators James Lessor and Skip Moore to investigate. They uncover a plot loaded with twists and fueled by money and ...

    …Such deductive leaps are what makes this book such fun to read. This is the ...San Francisco / Sacramento Book Review

  • Rendition
    The Rendition by Albert Ashforth
    The brutal secret war to win Kosovo’s freedom from Serbia is in full swing when The Rendition takes readers behind the headlines for an inside look at the United States’ involvement.  Alex Klear, a veteran intelligence officer, is sent to the Balkans on a hastily planned rendition which goes terribly ...

    Rich with insider detail, The Rendition by Albert Ashforth is not only exciting and suspenseful, it’s intelligent — ...Gayle Lynds, New York Times best-selling author of The Book of Spies

  • Revelation
    Revelation by Carter Wilson
    When Harden Campbell wakes cold and beaten in a dirt-floor cell, he finds only three other things in the room with him: the mutilated body of his good friend, an ancient typewriter, and a stack of blank paper, the top sheet of which has a single, typed sentence. Tell me a ...

    Revelation will test your talent at turning pages quickly. As you go, you will be ...Mark Stevens, author of The Allison Coil Mystery Series including Lake of Fire and winner of the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writer of the Year Award

  • Run to Ground
    Run to Ground by D. P. Lyle
    What would you do if someone brutally murdered your only child, served only months in jail because of a technicality, and continually taunted, even threatened, you from behind bars? Could you hide your growing rage from family and friends? Could you gun the killer down as he left prison? Could ...

    Murder is never as simple as the motive. There are too many loose ends, and when ...David Morrell, New York Times best-selling author of The Naked Edge

  • Secretariat Reborn
    Secretariat Reborn by Susan Klaus
    Christian Roberts, lanky, blond, and twenty-five-years-old, rents out small sailboats on Sarasota Bay.  His peaceful life is shattered when he accepts a thoroughbred colt from his estranged, dying father, an Ocala horse trainer.When Christian promises his father that he’ll race the colt, he’s plunged into the underworld of horse racing. ...

    Intrigue, romance, horse racing, and a nifty idea for a novel. Whether or not horse ...John Lutz, New York Times best-selling author of Pulse and past President of Mystery Writers of America

  • Shadow Of Death
    Shadow Of Death by Patricia Gussin
    Pull a trigger and everything changes. Whatever is good and normal dissolves before your eyes. Medical student Laura Nelson had just finished examining her first patient – bullet wound to the head. As she leaves the hospital, an angry voice erupts with obscenities. Shaken and confused, she quickly walks the deserted two blocks to her car, keeping ...

    Shadow of Death is a surefire winner. I couldn’t put it down. The suspense is ...Michael Palmer, New York Times best-selling author of The Fifth Vial

  • Shark Fin Soup
    Shark Fin Soup by Susan Klaus
    Christian Roberts is the prime suspect when his wife, Allie, is murdered on their sloop in the Caribbean.  Grief-stricken and unstable, he must evade arrest to fulfill Allie’s dying plea – to “save the sharks”.  Shark finning has been decimating the species as the Asian demand for shark fin soup ...

    Blond and good looking, Christian Roberts seems to make a habit of avenging the last ...Kim Cool, Award-winning Florida history, travel and ghost-story writer and features editor of the Venice Gondolier Sun

  • South Beach Shakedown
    South Beach Shakedown by Don Bruns
    Someone is about to make a killing in the music industry. Why would songwriting legend Gideon Pike mysteriously disappear just when he is about to turn a 30-year career into a multi-million dollar profit? Music columnist Mick Sever is back in Don Brun’s third suspense masterpiece.This time he’s looking for ...

    South Beach Shakedown is a glitzy high speed run from the back alleys to the ...New York Times Best-selling author Michael Connelly

  • St. Barts Breakdown
    St. Barts Breakdown by Don Bruns
    Rock and roll journalist Mick Sever is back with a new assignment: interview music legend Danny Murtz. Murtz’s walls are lined with platinum records, but his closet is full of skeletons. Known for producing an unbelievable string of hits, Murtz is also tied to a string of disappearances. Seems a ...

    a Caribbean thriller with a ring tone amazingly like the near-Caribbean thrillers of Tim Dorsey ...Booklist

  • Stalked: The Boy Who Said No
    Stalked: The Boy Who Said No by Patti Sheehy
    Patti Sheehy continues Frank Mederos’s true-life story of romance, suspense, and intrigue in Stalked: The Boy Who Said No. After defecting from Cuba’s Special Forces and making a harrowing escape from his homeland, Frank faces new challenges in America. With five dollars in his pocket and a boatload of determination, ...

    Patti Sheehy has the rare talent required to pull the reader so deeply into every ...John F. Dobbyn, best-selling author of Deadly Diamonds

  • Stealing Trinity
    Stealing Trinity by Ward Larsen
    When the balance of world power is at stake, the fight for control could be explosive. In the last days of WWII, the Third Reich makes a desperate grab to retrieve its most valuable asset, Die Wespe, a spy buried deep in the Manhattan Project. The man chosen for this ...

    Once in a while a great book comes along and the reader knows with the ...Crime & Suspense Magazine

  • Stuff Dreams Are Made Of
    Stuff Dreams Are Made Of by Don Bruns
    James Lessor and Skip Moore, (and their white box truck) are back. When Reverend Preston Cashdollar and his traveling tent revival come to town, James and Skip reinvent themselves–as holy rollers. But these two aren’t seeking salvation; they’re seeking the Almighty dollar. After all, Cashdollar’s prosperity gospel draws thousands of ...

    At the start of Bruns’s talky second mystery to feature best friends Skip Moore and ...Publishers Weekly

  • Stuff to Die For
    Stuff to Die For by Don Bruns
    Best friends James Lessor and Skip Moore are hardly on the fast track. While James works as a line cook at Cap’n Crab, Skip spends his days selling or rather, attempting to sell  security systems to people who (a) have no money, and (b) have nothing they care to protect. ...

    Set in South Florida, this middling thriller from Bruns (Barbados Heat) never quite manages to ...Publishers Weekly

  • Stuff to Spy For
    Stuff to Spy For by Don Bruns
    Best friends James Lessor and Skip Moore are still stuck in dead-end jobs, still living in their ratty apartment in Carol City, Florida but still dreaming of hitting the big time. It seems those dreams are finally within reach when Skip lands a job to install a state-of-the-art security system ...

    This is the stuff of side-aching laughs: Hiaasen meets grown-up Spy Kids. With another winner ...Tim Dorsey, Author of Nuclear Jellyfish

  • Thrillers: 100 Must Reads
    Thrillers: 100 Must Reads by David Morrell & Hank Wagner
    The most riveting reads in history meet today’s biggest thriller writers inThrillers: 100 Must-Reads. Edited by David Morrell and Hank Wagner,Thrillers: 100 Must- Reads examines 100 seminal works of suspense through essays contributed by such esteemed modern thriller writers as David Baldacci, Steve Berry, Sandra Brown, Lee Child, Jeffery Deaver, ...

    Should be as influential as the A.F.I’s top 100 movie list for readers of any ...Horror World

  • Toward the Light
    Toward the Light by Bonnar Spring
    Perfect for readers who appreciate a novel female protagonist, an “everywoman” confronted with an overwhelming moral dilemma and crushing physical danger Luz Concepcion returns to Guatemala to murder Martin Benavides, the man who destroyed her family. Benavides, who rose from insurgent fighter to president, controls a major drug network. Richard Clement became ...

    “Things are not as they seem” may be an overused phrase, but in Toward the ...Patricia Gussin, New York Times best-selling author of Come Home

  • Wyatt's Revenge: Matt Royal Mystery #4
    Wyatt's Revenge: Matt Royal Mystery #4 by H Terrell Griffin
    On balance, retired trial lawyer turned beach bum Matt Royal is a pretty laid back fellow. But when Laurence Wyatt, one of Matt’s best friends, is murdered, Matt trades in his easygoing ways for a hard-hitting quest for revenge.  Matt knows the Longboat Key police will do their job in ...

    “Griffin writes with economy and energy.” Booklist

  • Yesterday's Echo (Rick Cahill Novel #1)
    Yesterday's Echo (Rick Cahill Novel #1) by Matt Coyle
    Murderer: the label that stains forever. Can Rick Cahill find redemption by rescuing another accused? A woman with a past, darker than his own. Chandler–esque —A hard edge with a heart Rick Cahill was never convicted of his wife’s murder, but he was never exonerated either. Not by the police. Not by ...

    “A sharp, compelling read, Coyle’sYesterday’s Echo conjures images of Chandler’s California, while reverberating with an ...Stephen Jay Schwartz, Los Angeles Times best-selling author of Boulevard and Beat

  • Yesterday's News
    Yesterday's News by R.G. Belsky
    When eleven-year-old Lucy Devlin disappeared on her way to school more than a decade ago, it became one of the most famous missing child cases in history. The story turned reporter Clare Carlson into a media superstar overnight. Clare broke exclusive after exclusive. She had unprecedented access to the Devlin family ...

    Belsky’s Yesterday’s News elicits all parents’ deepest fear—the disappearance of a child. But this intelligent, ...Reed Farrel Coleman, New York Times best-selling author of What You Break