Amateur Sleuth

  • A Room Full of Night
    A Room Full of Night by TR Kenneth
    Stag Maguire, a burnt-out journalist hardly able to prop himself up in the wake of tragedy, agrees to help a friend move. They find an urgent message—HELP ME—written on a piece of silk tacked behind a long-forgotten portrait. The message from an address in Berlin is urgent; though it had ...

    The tension ratchets up degree by degree, in a plot similar to speeding down a ...Steve Berry, New York Times best-selling author of The Bishop’s Pawn

  • Abiding Conviction
    Abiding Conviction by Stephen M. Murphy
    Lawyer Dutch Francis faces an impossible situation—search for your missing wife or defend your high-profile client Dutch Francis is a defense attorney in the case of a judge accused of killing his wife. Just as the trial is about to begin, Ginnie Turner, Dutch’s wife and TV news broadcaster, goes missing. Under ...

    Smart, tenacious, and resourceful, Dutch is a fighter with a moral compass and a compassionate ...Sheldon Siegel, New York Times best-selling author

  • Bahama Burnout
    Bahama Burnout by Don Bruns
    For rock and roll writer Mick Sever, another story, another deadly island paradise is all in a day’s work. This time, Mick heads to Nassau, Bahamas, home of the legendary Highland Studio. Known for pumping out hits that burn up the charts, Highland is where the magic happens or rather, ...

    Bruns’s laid-back fifth mystery to feature Mick Sever (after 2008’s St. Bart’s Breakdown) takes the ...Publishers Weekly

  • Beyond the Bridge
    Beyond the Bridge by Tom MacDonald
    Dermot Sparhawk, a former all-American football star at Boston College, returns in Beyond the Bridge, the sequel to Tom MacDonald’s award-winning debut novel, The Charlestown Connection.In Beyond the Bridge, Sparhawk, a struggling alcoholic, agrees to help find the killer of an accused pedophile priest. When two more priests are slain ...

    Someone is crucifying Boston area priests in MacDonald’s unsuspenseful prequel to his promising debut, 2011’s ...Publishers Weekly

  • Beyond the Headlines
    Beyond the Headlines by R.G. Belsky
    She was a mega-celebrity—he was a billionaire businessman—now he’s dead—she’s in jail Laurie Bateman was living the American dream. Since her arrival as an infant in the U.S. after the fall of Saigon, the pretty Vietnamese girl had gone on to become a supermodel, a successful actress, and, finally, the wife ...

    In today’s world of fake news and alternate facts, R. G. Belsky reminds us why ...Lee Goldberg, New York Times best-selling author

  • Bitter Legacy: Matt Royal Mystery #5
    Bitter Legacy: Matt Royal Mystery #5 by H Terrell Griffin
    Matt Royal has gotten himself into a royal mess.After a week away, Matt Royal’s ready to get back to the Longboat Key good life good fishing, good food, good beer, and more good fishing. But Matt comes back to bad news: while he was away, a sniper tried to kill ...

    H. Terrell Griffin continues with his successfully humorous and exciting mystery series. I anxiously wait ...Fresh Fiction

  • Black Stiletto Saga
    The Black Stiletto Saga by Raymond Benson
    This five-book saga tells the entire amazing story of Judy Cooper, the famed Black Stiletto of vigilante fame. The story is told by Martin Talbot, the Stiletto’s son, in the words of the Stiletto herself through her diaries. Martin does not discover these diaries until his mother, suffering from Alzheimer ...

  • Blood Island: Matt Royal Mystery #3
    Blood Island: Matt Royal Mystery #3 by H Terrell Griffin
    What’s happening on this island will make your blood run cold. Matt Royal never has to look far for excitement. Excitement and sometimes trouble has a way of finding him first. But for this fun-loving lawyer turned beach bum, things are about to get serious. Dead serious. When his ex-wife ...

    Terry Griffin has done it again. Griffin’s third book promises to be another bookshelf staple. The Longboat Observer

  • Broken Ground (Jay Porter Novel #4)
    Broken Ground (Jay Porter Novel #4) by Joe Clifford
    At an AA meeting, handyman and part-time investigator Jay Porter meets a recovering addict who needs his help. In the midst of another grueling northern New Hampshire winter, Amy Lupus’ younger sister, Emily, has gone missing from the Coos County Center, the newly opened rehab run by Jay’s old nemeses, ...

    An estate recycler picks up the fragments of his life by helping others to pick ...David Morrell, New York Times best-selling author of Murder As a Fine Art and First Blood

  • Charlestown Connection
    The Charlestown Connection by Tom MacDonald
    Dermot Sparhawk, a former All American Boston College football hero, is stacking cans in a parish food pantry in Boston’s Charlestown, when his godfather, Jeepster Hennessey, shows up with a knife in his back and dies at Dermot’s feet. Once slated for a professional football career, now a recovering alcoholic, ...

    The Charlestown Connection is a crackling good read, finely paced and full of surprising twists.  Fast, ...Michael Palmer, New York Times best-selling author of A Heartbeat Away

  • Charlestown Mysteries
    The Charlestown Mysteries by Tom MacDonald
    This two-book series is perfect for fans of Dennis Lehane and fans of urban mysteries that are steeped in atmosphere—in this case—Boston. Dermot Sparhawk is a former college football hero, now a recovering alcoholic, struggling to make it, he stacks cans in a parish food pantry. In The Charlestown Connection, Dermot ...

  • Child's Play (Elle Harrison Novel #3)
    Child's Play (Elle Harrison Novel #3) by Merry Jones
    Since her husband’s murder two years earlier, life hasn’t been easy for Elle Harrison. Now, at the start of a new school year, the second grade teacher is determined to move on. She’s selling her house and delving into new experiences—like learning trapeze. Just before the first day of school, Elle ...

    Surprising, dark, and even disturbing. A fragile and vulnerable young teacher faces a terrifying first day of school–and that ...Hank Phillippi Ryan, Agatha, Anthony, and Mary Higgins Clark Award-winning author of Say No More

  • Collateral Damage: Matt Royal Mystery #6
    Collateral Damage: Matt Royal Mystery #6 by H Terrell Griffin
    The quiet beauty of Longboat Key is shattered when a young groom is shot to death on the beach the day after his wedding.  His father is an old army buddy of Matt Royal, and Matt tries to soften the anguish of his friend by finding his son’s murderer. Matt’s search ...

    Terry Griffin’s latest entry in the Matt Royal set-in-Florida mysteries is a perfect blend of ...David Hagberg, New York Times bestselling author of The Expediter

  • Cultured
    Cultured by D. P. Lyle
    Money, sex, power. Jonathon Lindemann offers it all—just don’t mind the missing girls Jake Longly, ex-pro baseball player turned restauranteur, is back where he belongs: relaxing on the beach in front of his restaurant in Gulf Shores, Alabama. His peace is interrupted, however, when he receives a call from his private ...

    We all know Lyle’s erudition and expertise—but who knew he was this funny? Lee Child, New York Times best-selling author

  • Deadly Depths
    Deadly Depths by John F Dobbyn
    A notable archaeologist, close to finding a priceless artifact, meets his untimely demise—Matthew Shane vows to find his murderer Matthew Shane is a law professor in Salem, Massachusetts, where he enjoys fruitful mentorship from Professor Barrington Holmes, a well-known archaeologist. So when Professor Holmes is found dead in his office and ...

    This rapid pace adventure [High Stakes] delivers equal quantities of action, history, secrets, and conspiracies. ...Steve Berry, New York Times best-selling author

  • Death at Whitewater Church (Inishowen Mystery #1)
    Death at Whitewater Church (Inishowen Mystery #1) by Andrea Carter
    When a skeleton is discovered in the hidden crypt of a deconsecrated church, everyone is convinced the bones must be those of Conor Devitt, a local man who went missing on his wedding day six years previously. But the postmortem reveals otherwise. Solicitor Benedicta “Ben” O’Keeffe is acting for the owners ...

    Haunting, atmospheric and gripping. One of the finest Irish mystery debuts of recent years. Tana ...John Connolly, New York Times best-selling author of A Game of Ghosts

  • December Boys (Jay Porter Novel #2)
    December Boys (Jay Porter Novel #2) by Joe Clifford
    Jay Porter, the newest employee at NorthEastern Insurance in New Hampshire, is investigating an accident claim when he learns the teenager behind the wheel was arrested for minor drug possession and sentenced to a hardcore behavioral modification center. At the county courthouse, Jay meets Nicki, a young college intern, who ...

    Taut, breathless, stark and powerful, December Boys yanks you along like a raft on a ...Sara J. Henry, award-winning author of A Cold and Lonely Place

  • Deep Six (Jake Longly Thriller #1)
    Deep Six (Jake Longly Thriller #1) by D. P. Lyle
    Ex-professional baseball player Jake Longly adamantly refuses to work for his father, wanting no part of Ray’s PI world. He prefers to hang out at his beachfront bar and chase bikinis along the sugary beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama. But Ray could be persuasive, so Jake finds himself staking out ...

    Corruption, vendettas, cartel killers, oh my!  Deep Six puts the fun back into late night ...Lisa Gardner, New York Times best-selling author of Find Her

  • Disappeared
    Disappeared by Bonnar Spring
    These two sisters are about to be permanently “disappeared” Julie Welch’s sister, Fay Lariviere, disappears from their hotel in Morocco. Although she leaves a note that she’ll be back in two days, Fay doesn’t return. Julie’s anger shifts to worry—and to fear when she discovers a stalker. Then, an attack meant for ...

    Buckle up for adventure as Bonnar Spring’s evocative prose whisks you away to Morocco in ...Alan Orloff, ITW Thriller and Derringer Award-winning author

  • Diver's Paradise
    Diver's Paradise by Davin Goodwin
    After 25 years on the job, Detective Roscoe Conklin trades his badge for a pair of shorts and sandals and moves to Bonaire, a small island nestled in the southern Caribbean. But the warm water, palm trees, and sunsets are derailed when his long-time police-buddy and friend back home, is ...

    Diver’s Paradise starts off with a bang and never lets up! A fantastic Caribbean mystery that ...Ward Larsen, USA Today best-selling author

  • Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
    Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff by Don Bruns
    It’s official: stumbling, bumbling James Lessor and Skip Moore are licensed private investigators. Now, that’s some scary stuff. It could take time to get More or Less Investigations off the ground, so James takes a job with a traveling carnival show. But this show has a dubious reputation, having had ...

    A terrific brew of romp, mystery, and death, with character insights laden throughout. What a ...Gayle Lynds, New York Times best-selling author of The Book of Spies

  • Fatal Decree: Matt Royal Mystery #7
    Fatal Decree: Matt Royal Mystery #7 by H Terrell Griffin
    When a serial killer shows up on Longboat Key, Florida after a twelve year absence, Matt Royal is stymied. The first woman killed on Longboat Key has ties to a secretive government agency for which Matt’s best friend Jock Algren works. Was this a coincidence or was she a targeted ...

    Truly an action lover’s delight, this terrific sixth series entry radiates energy as intense as ...Library Journal

  • Fatal Intent
    Fatal Intent by Tammy Euliano
    Perfect for fans of Kathy Reichs and Tess Gerritsen When her elderly patients start dying at home days after minor surgery, anesthesiologist Dr. Kate Downey wants to know why. The surgeon, not so much. “Old people die, that’s what they do,” is his response. When Kate presses, surgeon Charles Ricken places ...

    Medical suspense as sharp as it gets.  Euliano is off to a good, no, a ...Kathy Reichs, New York Times best-selling author of the Temperance Brennan Bones series

  • Found: Matt Royal Mystery #8
    Found: Matt Royal Mystery #8 by H Terrell Griffin
    When the serenity of beautiful Longboat Key, Florida, is shattered by a murder, and an elderly resident goes missing, Detective Jennifer Diane (J.D.) Duncan leaps into action.  Her investigation is temporarily interrupted when she receives a text message with a current photo of a college friend she thought dead. ...

    Witty, smart and highly entertaining. An intriguing mix of hopes and fears that combine into ...Steve Berry, New York Times best-selling author of The King’s Deception

  • Fugitive Red
    Fugitive Red by Jason Starr
    Reminiscent of Nick and Amy in Gone Girl, Jack and Maria have a tortuous history. Jack was an up-and-coming rock guitarist living on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. His girlfriend Maria was just beginning a corporate career. They were happy and in love. That was then. Now Jack’s music career has stalled, and ...

    Fugitive Red is a rocket-paced, propulsive, and utterly addictive thrill-ride. Jason Starr is a master ...Lisa Unger New York Times best-selling author

  • Give Up the Dead (Jay Porter Novel #3)
    Give Up the Dead (Jay Porter Novel #3) by Joe Clifford
    Three years have passed since estate-clearing handyman Jay Porter almost lost his life following a devastating accident on the thin ice of Echo Lake. His investigative work uncovering a kids-for-cash scandal may have made his hometown of Ashton, New Hampshire, a safer place, but nothing comes without a price. The ...

    Joe Clifford is an underground star. Give Up The Dead should finally expose his star ...Reed Farrel Coleman, New York Times best-selling author of What You Break

  • High Stakes
    High Stakes by John F Dobbyn
    Perfect for fans of Daniel Silva and Steve Berry. An authentic Stradivarius violin turns up in Romania. A Stradivarius is rare enough, but this one is even more special. It is thought to hold the code disclosing the location of a treasure hidden in the fifteenth century. The violin is ...

    John F. Dobbyn is a master storyteller, but a quality equally important to his fiction ...Janet Hutchings, Editor-in-Chief, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine

  • Hot Stuff
    Hot Stuff by Don Bruns
    An attractive sous chef at the famous restaurant L’Elfe is murdered and half the employees are suspect. The lack of police progress toward solving the murder leads Chef Jean Bouvier to seek a quicker solution. He hires private eyes James Lessor and Skip Moore to go undercover and discreetly investigate ...

    Shake The Big LeBowski up in a bag with The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, ...Les Standiford, award winning author of Last Train to Paradise

  • Killer Story
    Killer Story by Matt Witten
    How far will she go to catch the killer—and make her podcast a hit? Petra Kovach, a talented and idealistic young reporter, is on the brink of being laid off from her third failing newspaper in a row. To save her job, she pitches the launch of a true crime podcast ...

    Riveting and irresistible—an absolute page-turner! Killer Story is authentic and all-too-realistic—a deep dive into journalists’ ...Hank Phillippi Ryan, Emmy-winning investigative reporter and USA Today best-selling author

  • Lamentation (Jay Porter Novel #1)
    Lamentation (Jay Porter Novel #1) by Joe Clifford
    In a frigid New Hampshire winter, Jay Porter is trying to eke out a living and maintain some semblance of a relationship with his former girlfriend and their two-year-old son.  When he receives an urgent call that Chris, his drug-addicted and chronically drunk brother, is being questioned by the sheriff ...

    Lamentation is a noir saga of the America that isn’t in TV commercials, wrenching, yet ...James Grady, author of Six Days of the Condor

  • Last Girl (A Dexter Vega Mystery #1)
    The Last Girl (A Dexter Vega Mystery #1) by Danny Lopez
    After being laid off from his job as a newspaper reporter in a coastal Florida town, Dexter Vega meets a wealthy retiree who hires him to find his daughter who is supposed to be attending the local college. When Vega visits his client to inform him that his daughter is ...

    The Last Girl features a masterful mix of murder; mystery, and mayhem as hot as ...Jon Land, USA Today best-selling author of Strong Cold Dead

  • Last Scoop
    The Last Scoop by R.G. Belsky
    Clare Carlson is perfect for fans of Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Millhone and Sara Paretsky’s V.I. Warshawski Martin Barlow was TV news director Clare Carlson’s first newspaper editor, a beloved mentor who inspired her career as a journalist. But, since retiring from his newspaper job, he had become a kind of pathetic ...

    Belsky’s experience as a journalist provides fascinating insights and a sense of authenticity. Readers will ...Publishers Weekly

  • Liquid Shades of Blue
    Liquid Shades of Blue by James Polkinghorn
    First his brother, now his mother—Jack Girard searches for the truth behind his family’s tragedies When hungover ex-lawyer and Key West bar owner Jack Girard groggily wakes up one morning, he’s greeted by a beautiful woman lying next to him and a shrill, ringing telephone. Seeing the call is from his ...

    Liquid Shades of Blue is a ride on the lethal waves of corruption and murder ...Michael Connelly, #1 New York Times best-selling author

  • Misfire
    Misfire by Tammy Euliano
    A device that can save a life is also one that can end it Kadence, a new type of implanted defibrillator, misfires in a patient visiting University Hospital for a routine medical procedure—causing the heart rhythm problem it’s meant to correct. Dr. Kate Downey, an experienced anesthesiologist, resuscitates the patient, but ...

    A medical thriller meets domestic suspense meets serial killer terror all rolled into one page-turning ...Lisa Gardner, #1 New York Times best-selling author

  • Murder at Greysbridge
    Murder at Greysbridge by Andrea Carter
    Perfect for fans of character driven mysteries with a powerful sense of place Being adapted for a television crime series Summer has arrived in Inishowen and solicitor Benedicta (Ben) O’Keeffe is greatly tempted by a job offer from a law firm in America. Yet before making any life-changing decisions, there is her ...

    [Murder at Greysbridge] is truly a perfect choice for fans of character-driven mysteries set in ...Suspense Magazine

  • Night Tremors (Rick Cahill Novel #2)
    Night Tremors (Rick Cahill Novel #2) by Matt Coyle
    Nightmares of the man he killed two years ago still chase Rick Cahill through his sleep. The memory of his murdered wife haunts him during waking hours. His private investigative work, secretly photographing adulterers, paid for his new house but stains his soul. When an old nemesis asks for his help ...

    A terrific new take on classic noir! A P.I. with a conscience grapples with his past, then plots his own ...Hank Phillippi Ryan Agatha, Anthony, Macavity and Mary Higgins Clark award winning author

  • OC
    The OC by D. P. Lyle
    Thrill-a-minute crime fiction—infused with wry humor Restaurant owner and former professional baseball player Jake Longly is hoping for a few weeks of fun with Nicole Jamison in the warm Orange County, CA sun—The OC, baby. After that, they’ll be on their way to LA for the filming of Nicole’s sure-to-be-a-hit screenplay. On ...

    [The OC is a] witty, charming, and exciting crime story that rockets to a blood-chilling ...Lee Goldberg, #1 New York Times best-selling author

  • Rag and Bone (Jay Porter Novel #5)
    Rag and Bone (Jay Porter Novel #5) by Joe Clifford
    Having spent ten months on the run after he was framed for the murder of an estate-clearing associate, handyman Jay Porter returns to his hometown of Ashton, New Hampshire. During his time as a fugitive, he searched for a hard drive—evidence that would put his longtime nemeses Adam and Michael ...

    Praise for the Jay Porter series: Joe Clifford is an underground star. Give Up The Dead ...Reed Farrel Coleman, New York Times best-selling author

  • Reel Stuff
    Reel Stuff by Don Bruns
    Is it suicide or murder when Academy Award winning actor Jason Londell leaps to his death during the filming of a TV show in Miami? Londell’s actress girlfriend hires private investigators James Lessor and Skip Moore to investigate. They uncover a plot loaded with twists and fueled by money and ...

    …Such deductive leaps are what makes this book such fun to read. This is the ...San Francisco / Sacramento Book Review

  • Rigged
    Rigged by D. P. Lyle
    Perfect for fans of Carl Hiaasen and Janet Evanovich First loves are never forgotten. Ever. Certainly not for Tommy “Pancake” Jeffers. His first-kiss, sixth-grade love, Emily, who he has not seen since grammar school, is sliding toward divorce in the artsy Gulf Coast town of Fairhope, Alabama. Longly Investigations has been ...

    Snappy patter and amusing riffs . . . [A] Glock-blazing conclusion. This series just keeps ...Publishers Weekly

  • Saving Myles
    Saving Myles by Carl Vonderau
    When the FBI can’t help, an unassuming banker takes matters into his own hands to bring his son home Wade, a respected banker in La Jolla, CA, and his estranged wife, Fiona, make the unbearable decision to send their teenage son, Myles, away to an expensive treatment center after a ...

    Murderabilia [is] a story that will lay a cold finger of dread on the back ...Karin Slaughter, New York Times best-selling author

  • Seven Suspects
    Seven Suspects by Renee James
    Bobbi Logan is a successful businesswoman and a celebrated hairdresser. She is a witty, articulate woman who has survived rape, gender transition, a murder investigation, and countless acts of bullying and bigotry to get where she is—and she has made enemies along the way. Now one of them is stalking ...

    I inhaled the book! If you love Bobbi Logan – and I do – SEVEN SUSPECTS ...Catriona McPherson, Lefty Winning and Agatha Award Nominee for The Reek of Red Herrings

  • Someone's Watching
    Someone's Watching by Sharon Potts
    Twenty-something Robbie Ivy wants to keep her life as simple and commitment-free as possible. Who needs a high-pressure career, a relationship, or a family anyway? But Robbie’s life gets inextricably complicated when her estranged father shows up with a shocking revelation about two teenage girls who disappeared in South Beach. ...

    Following her spell-binding debut, Sharon Potts delivers another fast-paced domestic drama of betrayal and redemption. ...PJ Parrish, New York Times bestselling author of Little Death

  • South Beach Shakedown
    South Beach Shakedown by Don Bruns
    Someone is about to make a killing in the music industry. Why would songwriting legend Gideon Pike mysteriously disappear just when he is about to turn a 30-year career into a multi-million dollar profit? Music columnist Mick Sever is back in Don Brun’s third suspense masterpiece.This time he’s looking for ...

    South Beach Shakedown is a glitzy high speed run from the back alleys to the ...New York Times Best-selling author Michael Connelly

  • Southside
    Southside by Michael Krikorian
    Los Angeles Times gang reporter Michael Lyons has just left his favorite downtown saloon when he is shot and wounded on the sidewalk two blocks from City Hall.  After the initial shock, fellow reporters put together a betting pool. The bet? “Who Shot Mike?” There are a lot of contenders. When ...

    The debut novel from Krikorian, a Los Angeles Times crime reporter, is a grim thriller ...Publishers Weekly

  • St. Barts Breakdown
    St. Barts Breakdown by Don Bruns
    Rock and roll journalist Mick Sever is back with a new assignment: interview music legend Danny Murtz. Murtz’s walls are lined with platinum records, but his closet is full of skeletons. Known for producing an unbelievable string of hits, Murtz is also tied to a string of disappearances. Seems a ...

    a Caribbean thriller with a ring tone amazingly like the near-Caribbean thrillers of Tim Dorsey ...Booklist

  • Stuff Dreams Are Made Of
    Stuff Dreams Are Made Of by Don Bruns
    James Lessor and Skip Moore, (and their white box truck) are back. When Reverend Preston Cashdollar and his traveling tent revival come to town, James and Skip reinvent themselves–as holy rollers. But these two aren’t seeking salvation; they’re seeking the Almighty dollar. After all, Cashdollar’s prosperity gospel draws thousands of ...

    At the start of Bruns’s talky second mystery to feature best friends Skip Moore and ...Publishers Weekly

  • Stuff Series Collection
    Stuff Series Collection by Don Bruns
    For those who love humor as well as fast-paced mysteries,  the “Stuff” series seven book collection has it all.  Combining the stumbling shenanigans of James Lessor and Skip More, two twenty-something ne’er-do-wells trying to succeed as crime solvers produces laugh-out-loud moments while delivering a great mystery.  For any fans of ...

    “We just love Floridian crime tales, and Don Bruns, is a perfect example of why.  ...Jeffrey Deaver, New York Times best-selling author of The Sleeping Doll

  • Stuff to Die For
    Stuff to Die For by Don Bruns
    Best friends James Lessor and Skip Moore are hardly on the fast track. While James works as a line cook at Cap’n Crab, Skip spends his days selling or rather, attempting to sell  security systems to people who (a) have no money, and (b) have nothing they care to protect. ...

    Set in South Florida, this middling thriller from Bruns (Barbados Heat) never quite manages to ...Publishers Weekly

  • Stuff to Spy For
    Stuff to Spy For by Don Bruns
    Best friends James Lessor and Skip Moore are still stuck in dead-end jobs, still living in their ratty apartment in Carol City, Florida but still dreaming of hitting the big time. It seems those dreams are finally within reach when Skip lands a job to install a state-of-the-art security system ...

    This is the stuff of side-aching laughs: Hiaasen meets grown-up Spy Kids. With another winner ...Tim Dorsey, Author of Nuclear Jellyfish

  • Tie Die
    Tie Die by Max Tomlinson
    Perfect for fans of Harlan Coben’s noir suspense Back in London’s swinging 60s, Steve Cook was teen idol number one. But that changed when a sixteen-year-old fan was found dead in his hotel room bed. Steve’s career came to a crashing halt after he was dumped by his record company and ...

    [In Tie Die, Tomlinson] deepens the character of his multi-layered lead, Colleen Hayes, an unlicensed ...Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

  • Too Much Stuff
    Too Much Stuff by Don Bruns
    It took Henry Flagler years to build a railroad to Key West. It took thirty seconds for a hurricane and a twenty-foot tidal wave to destroy it. Five hundred people were killed in that violent 1935 storm, and many more were missing. Among the unaccounted for was a finance director ...

    Shake The Big Lebowski up in a bag with The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, ...Les Standiford, author of Last Train to Paradise and Bringing Adam Home.

  • Treacherous Strand
    Treacherous Strand by Andrea Carter
    Perfect for mystery readers who enjoy character driven mysteries, with a strong female protagonist and a powerful sense of place. A woman’s body washes up on a remote beach on the Inishowen Peninsula. Partially clothed, with a strange tattoo on her thigh, she is identified as Marguerite Etienne, a French woman ...

    This second in Carter’s Inishowen series (after Death in Whitewater Church) is hugely entertaining and ...Library Journal (*starred review)

  • Well of Ice
    The Well of Ice by Andrea Carter
    Perfect for fans of character driven mysteries with a powerful sense of place December on the Inishowen Peninsula in County Donegal—and solicitor Benedicta “Ben” O’Keeffe is working flat out before the Christmas holidays. While on a trip to Dublin to visit her parents, she runs into Luke Kirby—the man who ...

    I adored this traditional crime novel; it’s modern-day Agatha Christie with Ben as Miss Marple. Irish Examiner

  • Wyatt's Revenge: Matt Royal Mystery #4
    Wyatt's Revenge: Matt Royal Mystery #4 by H Terrell Griffin
    On balance, retired trial lawyer turned beach bum Matt Royal is a pretty laid back fellow. But when Laurence Wyatt, one of Matt’s best friends, is murdered, Matt trades in his easygoing ways for a hard-hitting quest for revenge.  Matt knows the Longboat Key police will do their job in ...

    “Griffin writes with economy and energy.” Booklist

  • Yesterday's Echo (Rick Cahill Novel #1)
    Yesterday's Echo (Rick Cahill Novel #1) by Matt Coyle
    Murderer: the label that stains forever. Can Rick Cahill find redemption by rescuing another accused? A woman with a past, darker than his own. Chandler–esque —A hard edge with a heart Rick Cahill was never convicted of his wife’s murder, but he was never exonerated either. Not by the police. Not by ...

    “A sharp, compelling read, Coyle’sYesterday’s Echo conjures images of Chandler’s California, while reverberating with an ...Stephen Jay Schwartz, Los Angeles Times best-selling author of Boulevard and Beat

  • Yesterday's News
    Yesterday's News by R.G. Belsky
    When eleven-year-old Lucy Devlin disappeared on her way to school more than a decade ago, it became one of the most famous missing child cases in history. The story turned reporter Clare Carlson into a media superstar overnight. Clare broke exclusive after exclusive. She had unprecedented access to the Devlin family ...

    Belsky’s Yesterday’s News elicits all parents’ deepest fear—the disappearance of a child. But this intelligent, ...Reed Farrel Coleman, New York Times best-selling author of What You Break