Adam Gittlin

Adam  Gittlin

Born in New Jersey in 1972, Adam Gittlin is a private investment executive in New York City, and has been involved in all aspects of commercial real estate. Gittlin received a BA in Psychology as well as an MBA in International Business, both from Syracuse University. Upon completion of his graduate work, Gittlin went to work as a commercial real estate broker at SL Green (today the largest owner of commercial property in Manhattan) representing both the landlord and/or tenants, respectively, in their transactions. Ultimately he ended up on the ownership side with a private group whose portfolio primarily consisted of office space holdings in New York City as well as commercial/industrial warehouse holdings in Miami. Mr. Gittlin oversaw all aspects of these operations, from leasing through management. Today Gittlin’s group continues to invest in commercial real estate projects, as well as other companies he believes will positively impact how we learn, and live, in today’s ever-changing world.

Currently The Deal (the first installment of Oceanview Publishing’s The Deal Trilogy) is being adapted for a feature film by Amber Entertainment in conjunction with Oceanview Publishing. To learn more about Adam Gittlin the author, and his commercial real estate driven, financial thriller Jonah Gray series, please visit You can learn more about Gittlin professionally at

Gittlin, along with his son and 13-year old Long-Haired Chihuahua, lives in New York City.


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