A Grave Breach - Macomber, James
A Kind of Justice - James, Renee
A Room Full of Night - Kenneth, TR
A-List (Jake Longly Thriller #2) - Lyle, D. P.
After The Fall - Gussin, Patricia
Aftershock (Donovan Nash Novel #5) - Donlay, Philip
And Then There Was One - Gussin, Patricia


Bahama Burnout - Bruns, Don
Beyond the Bridge - MacDonald, Tom
Bitter Legacy: Matt Royal Mystery #5 - Griffin, H Terrell
Black Diamond - Dobbyn, John F
The Black Stiletto - Benson, Raymond
The Black Stiletto Saga - Benson, Raymond
The Black Stiletto: Black & White - Benson, Raymond
The Black Stiletto: Endings & Beginnings - Benson, Raymond
The Black Stiletto: Secrets & Lies - Benson, Raymond
The Black Stiletto: Stars & Stripes - Benson, Raymond
Blood Island: Matt Royal Mystery #3 - Griffin, H Terrell
Blood Truth (Rick Cahill Novel #4) - Coyle, Matt
Book of Nathan - Weeden, Curt and Marek, Richard
The Borzoi Killings - Batista, Paul
The Boy Who Said No - Sheehy, Patti
Broken Ground (Jay Porter Novel #4) - Clifford, Joe
The Bruno Johnson Trilogy (The Disposables, The Replacements, The Squandered) - Putnam, David
Burying Ben (Dot Meyerhoff Mystery #1) - Kirschman, Ellen


The Castro Gene - Buchholz, Todd
Category Five (Donovan Nash Novel #1) - Donlay, Philip
The Charlestown Connection - MacDonald, Tom
Chasing Justice: Matt Royal Mystery #9 - Griffin, H Terrell
Child’s Play (Elle Harrison Novel #3) - Jones, Merry
Code Black (Donovan Nash Novel #2) - Donlay, Philip
Collateral Damage: Matt Royal Mystery #6 - Griffin, H Terrell
Collision of Centuries - Le Beau, John J
Collision of Evil - Le Beau, John J
Collision of Lies - Le Beau, John J
Come Home - Gussin, Patricia
The Comfort of Black - Wilson, Carter
Conspiracy of Silence - Powers, Martha
The Consultant - O'Connor, Tj


Dark Fissures (Rick Cahill Novel #3) - Coyle, Matt
Dark Rhapsody: Maggie O’Shea Mysteries #2 - Mario, Helaine
Deadly Diamonds (A Knight & Devlin Thriller #4) - Dobbyn, John F
Deadly Echoes (Donovan Nash Novel #4) - Donlay, Philip
The Deal - Gittlin, Adam
Deal Master - Gittlin, Adam
The Deal Series Collection - Gittlin, Adam
The Deal: About Face - Gittlin, Adam
Death Angel - Powers, Martha
Death at Whitewater Church (Inishowen Mystery #1) - Carter, Andrea
Death in Shangri-La - Zur, Yigal
Death’s Witness - Batista, Paul
December Boys (Jay Porter Novel #2) - Clifford, Joe
Deep Six (Jake Longly Thriller #1) - Lyle, D. P.
The Devil’s Madonna - Potts, Sharon
The Disposables (Bruno Johnson Novel #1) - Putnam, David
Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff - Bruns, Don


Elective Procedures - Jones, Merry
Extraordinary Rendition - Batista, Paul


The Fallen - Terry, Mark
Fatal Complications - Benedict, John
Fatal Decree: Matt Royal Mystery #7 - Griffin, H Terrell
Fatal Odds - Dobbyn, John F
The Fifth Reflection (Dot Meyerhoff Mystery #3) - Kirschman, Ellen
Final Crossing - Wilson, Carter
Firebird - Mario, Helaine
Fly By Night - Larsen, Ward
Fly By Wire - Larsen, Ward
Fortuna - Stevens, Michael
Found: Matt Royal Mystery #8 - Griffin, H Terrell
Frame Up - Dobbyn, John F
Fugitive Red - Starr, Jason


Give Up the Dead (Jay Porter Novel #3) - Clifford, Joe
Goliath - Waid, Gary and Corridan, Shawn
The Guilt We Carry - Gailey, Samuel W.
Gumshoe (Mortimer Angel Novel #1) - Leininger, Rob
Gumshoe for Two (Mortimer Angel Novel #2) - Leininger, Rob
Gumshoe on the Loose (Mortimer Angel Novel #3) - Leininger, Rob


Hot Stuff - Bruns, Don


Identity: Lost - Marco, Pascal
In Their Blood - Potts, Sharon
The Innocents (A Bruno Johnson Novel – The Early Years: Book 1) - Putnam, David
Into a Dark Frontier - Mangan, John


Kind of Blue - Corwin, Miles
The Knight & Devlin Collection - Dobbyn, John F


Ladykiller - Light, Lawrence and Anthony, Meredith
Lamentation (Jay Porter Novel #1) - Clifford, Joe
Land of Wolves: The Return of Lincoln’s Bodyguard - Turner, TJ
The Last Breath (A Dexter Vega Mystery #2) - Lopez, Danny
The Last Girl - Lopez, Danny
The Laura Nelson Collection - Gussin, Patricia
Lincoln’s Bodyguard - Turner, TJ
Little Lamb Lost - Fenton, Margaret
The Lost Concerto - Mario, Helaine


Manhattan Lockdown - Batista, Paul
Method 15/33 - Kirk, Shannon
Midnight Alley - Corwin, Miles
Mortal Dilemma: Matt Royal Mystery #10 - Griffin, H Terrell


Neon Dragon - Dobbyn, John F
Night Tremors (Rick Cahill Novel #2) - Coyle, Matt


On Edge - Ashforth, Albert
One To Go - Pace, Mike


Passenger 19 - Larsen, Ward
Pegasus Down (Donovan Nash Novel #6) - Donlay, Philip
The Perfect Assassin - Larsen, Ward
Pocket-47 - Hardin, Jude
Public Anatomy - Pearson, A. S.
The Purple Culture - Boehrer, Stephen


Rabbit in the Moon - Shlian, Deborah and Shlian, Joel
The Reckless - Putnam, David
Reel Stuff - Bruns, Don
The Rendition - Ashforth, Albert
The Replacements (Bruno Johnson Novel #2) - Putnam, David
Revelation - Wilson, Carter
The Right Wrong Thing (Dot Meyerhoff Mystery #2) - Kirschman, Ellen
Run to Ground - Lyle, D. P.
Rupture - Pearson, A. S.


Saving Laura - Satterfield, Jim
Seconds to Midnight (Donovan Nash Novel #7) - Donlay, Philip
Secretariat Reborn - Klaus, Susan
Seven Suspects - James, Renee
Shadow Of Death - Gussin, Patricia
Shark Fin Soup - Klaus, Susan
Someone’s Watching - Potts, Sharon
South Beach Shakedown - Bruns, Don
Southside - Krikorian, Michael
Speed the Dawn (Donovan Nash Novel #8) - Donlay, Philip
Spirit Horses - Evans, Alan S
The Squandered (Bruno Johnson Novel #3) - Putnam, David
St. Barts Breakdown - Bruns, Don
Stalked: The Boy Who Said No - Sheehy, Patti
Stealing Trinity - Larsen, Ward
Stuff Dreams Are Made Of - Bruns, Don
Stuff Series Collection -
Stuff to Die For - Bruns, Don
Stuff to Spy For - Bruns, Don


Terminal Life - Torregrossa, Richard
The Test - Gussin, Patricia
The Third Coincidence - Bishop, David
Thrillers: 100 Must Reads - Morrell, David and Wagner, Hank
Too Much Stuff - Bruns, Don
Trash Talk - Gussin, Robert
Trilemma - Mortimer, Jennifer
The Trouble with Charlie - Jones, Merry
Twisted Justice - Gussin, Patricia


The Valley of Shadows - Terry, Mark
Vanished in the Dunes - Retzky, Allan
The Vanquished (Bruno Johnson Novel #4) - Putnam, David
Vindication: Matt Royal Mystery #11 - Griffin, H Terrell


The Warriors - Batista, Paul
Weapon of Choice - Gussin, Patricia
What’s Next..For You - Gussin, Robert and Gussin, Patricia
Wrong Light (Rick Cahill Novel #5) - Coyle, Matt
Wyatt’s Revenge: Matt Royal Mystery #4 - Griffin, H Terrell


Yesterday’s Echo (Rick Cahill Novel #1) - Coyle, Matt
Yesterday’s News - Belsky , R.G.


Zero Separation (Donovan Nash Novel #3) - Donlay, Philip