Egrets To The Flames
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Hard Cover

Egrets To The Flames

By: Barbara Anton

A steamy saga of love, passion, and greed, Egrets to the Flames introduces the Hamptons, a wealthy, privileged family of sugar cane growers.

Trouble in the fields: patriarch James Henry Hampton must struggle to maintain his holdings, as forces seek retribution for the egregious impact on the environment and the exploitation of Jamaican sugar cane cutters.

As  he juggles a wife and a mistress, James Henry’s family unravels. He must fight to save son Henny from self-destruction and a disastrous marriage to a field hand’ s pregnant daughter. Son Jeffrey and his bride face immeasurable loss, while daughter Melisandra marries an impoverished prince intent on taking her riches at any cost. In the end, James Henry will face his toughest battle yet — a battle that may be his last.

Will  the very things that hold this family together ultimately tear them apart?

A splendid story of the clash between old and new, and the struggle between holding on and letting go, Egrets to the Flames is a triumphant tale about ties, tradition, and temptation.