Lawrence Light

Lawrence  Light

Meredith Anthony has written for film, television, print and the Web. As a humorist her work has appeared in MAD Magazine and the women’s humor quarterly, Hysteria. Her award-winning short film Ladykiller was shown on The Learning Channel’s Likely Stories series and on HBO, as well as in a number of Film Festivals in the US and Europe. She co-authored 101 Reasons Why We’re Doomed in 1993. She and husband Lawrence Light live on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

Lawrence Light is an award-winning journalist who currently serves as Deputy Personal Finance Editor at the Wall Street Journal. A graduate of Columbia School of Journalism, he has been a reporter and editor for Business Week, Newsday and other publications. In Washington, he covered congress for The Congressional Quarterly. He is the author of the Karen Glick novels, Too Rich to Live and Fear & Greed.

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